How Actor Bryan Okwara Reacted To Slammed For Funds Raising Funds

Nollywood star, Bryan Okwara responded after a supporter called him out for raising assets for Big Brother Naija Housemate Rico Swavey before his difficult passing.

Review that Rico Swavey had supported wounds repercussions of a street mishap in the Lekki/Ajah area of Lagos state.

Nonetheless, Rico Swavey passed on in the early long stretches of Thursday, October 13, hours after another BB Naija, Tobi Bakre began the Mission to raise assets for his treatment.

Before his death, Bryan Okwara had joined his partners to raise assets for his medicines when a devotee called him and different famous people out for raising assets as opposed to utilizing their abundance to save their companion.

‘So with all the cash, all of you have you actually need assistance from people in general to save another rich companion.’ The supporter composed.

Responding Bryan Okwara who found the articulation disagreeable composed:

@itz_khasi Someone’s youngster has been in a state of extreme lethargy at the clinic for 2 days?????!!! Do you intend to let me know that was the principal thing that entered our thoughts!?? In the wake of seeing this!!?? was the demonstration of riches and economic wellbeing??? For real??????

Nigerians respond to the deplorable video

One Stanbnx expressed, “Snapping a picture of a Perishing patient? Those medical attendants and the clinic ought to be addressed and captured. This is irritating

One Commy Brilliant stated, “Kai!! We affront the public authority everyday except simply take a gander at an individual Nigerian, Name of the medical clinic, please? So that even to purchase panadol, my relatives and I won’t ever wrongly enter them!!!

Hardebayo expressed, “Amateurish… .we have a long wat to go… medical services lawful structure should be carried out in Nigerian. It saves lives to focus on

Domingo Losp expressed, “Supplicate not to be in basic state wellbeing wise in this country. You’ll know how repetitive the clinical framework here can be.

Em Teeq stated, “Here in Nigeria, I don’t have any idea why the wellbeing framework is exceptionally poor, they carry on like individuals who don’t have a still, small voice

Omolabambam expressed, “Until they begin considering this clinical individual answerable for their activities nothing will change

Mr Daddy stated, “For what reason would he say he is not in an activity bed? He would have made due assuming that it was in America. How much individuals who die in that country from carelessness and ineptitude is unfathomable and miserable.

Stephanny xx expressed, “Never petition be helpless before a Nigerian medical services office”.

Rico Swavey associated with deadly mishap

Rico Swavey had been affirmed died following a lethal mishap on Tuesday, October 11.

His co-reality star, Alex Strange, had declared the news to the world.

She expressed that the specialists were attempting to revive Rico Swavey as of the time she left the emergency clinic.

Alex further requested that fans put Rico Swavey in their requests, as he was in a basic position.

She likewise said that she was remaining positive concerning the miserable event, as she additionally shared a screen capture of the tweet on her Instagram story.

Alex, in any case, didn’t state where the mishap happened or how it worked out.

Rico Swavey is dead

Sadly, the truth star couldn’t endure it, as he died.

His co-star, Tobi Bakre declared his end on Thursday morning, October thirteenth.

Taking to his Instagram page, Tobi Bakre shared a photograph of him and the departed as he uncovered that he would utilize the memorable image him.

“This is the way I will recall us brother. For eternity”.

Numerous Big Brother Naija reality stars and VIPs from the different media outlets have honored him.