How did Tawnee Baird die?


Tawnee Baird was an understudy at Salt Lake Junior college when she was cut to death by her harmful sweetheart, Victoria Mendoza, in October 2014. The pair had initially met in 2010 while spending time in jail at a young treatment place a couple of years. In any case, they had a turbulent relationship all along.

Specialists found Tawnee with no less than 46 cut injuries in the front seat of her vehicle while Victoria sat shrouded in blood in the driver’s seat. The last option was captured and later conceded that the two were having a contention in the vehicle when she wounded the 21-year-old to death.

An impending episode of ID’s American Beast is planned to account Tawnee Baird murder and the occasions that prompted the heartbreaking occurrence. The episode, named I Took Her Some place Serene, airs on the channel this Sunday, July 2, at 9 pm ET.

The authority summary of the episode says: Tawnee Baird and her kid accomplice of five years, Victoria Mendoza, lived respectively in Holladay, Utah. The couple met at a young treatment place in 2010 when Tawnee was owned up to a social wellbeing treatment office for 90 days, following which they engaged in an oppressive relationship.

On October 18, 2014, Tawnee and Victoria were driving back home in the wake of visiting companions in Ogden in the early hours when they began battling, which turned brutal. The physical fight heightened when the last option, who was in the driver’s seat, pulled over in a parking garage and wounded Tawnee on various occasions. An ensuing post-mortem showed that she was cut something like multiple times.

As per the Day to day Mail, Victoria then, at that point, called a general who showed up at the location of the crime, a parking garage at 2484 East Road in West Ogden, and settled on a 911 decision. Specialists found them at some point around 1 am. Tawnee, whose body was found on the front seat, was pronounced dead, while the executioner was tracked down canvassed in blood in the driver’s seat.

Ogden Police Lieutenant, Tim Scott, portrayed the occurrence as: Lieutenant Scott considered that the battle between two or three a “rough, turbulent experience” that finished “and lead to this occurrence where Ms Mendoza wounded her accomplice.”

Victoria Mendoza was before long captured for the homicide of Tawnee Baird, following which agents investigating the case found out about the couple’s harmful relationship. They likewise figured out that Victoria was envious of the last option. She let police know that she utilized a four-inch collapsing blade that she was conveying in her front pocket to wound the 21-year-old while battling about a man lethally.

Tawnee’s family later offered expressions asserting physical attack preceding the homicide. These remarks were supported by old injuries tracked down on the casualty’s body, a chipped tooth, and scratches on her skin.

The Cinemaholic detailed that Victoria argued not blameworthy to first-degree murder before at last conceding. She was condemned to 16 years to life in jail. Get more familiar with the case on American Beast this Sunday on ID.