“How do I become a dog school bus driver”: Mo Mountain Mutts win the internet with adorable TikTok videos

A viral video by TikTok client Mo Mountain Mutts, which was posted on December 29, 2022, showed a few canines getting on a transport and settling down in their doled out seats. A group comprising of spouse Lee Thompson and wife Mo Thompson runs the specialty Mo Mountain Mutts transport for canines in Skagway, Gold country. They offer canine preparation and strolling administrations.

The Mo Mountain Mutts video has turned into a web sensation since it was transferred on TikTok and has acquired 8.5M likes from that point forward. Individuals rushed to the remark area to share how the video has softened their hearts.


Client @maajaa08 composed that they’re now a canine walker as well as a school transport driver. Nonetheless, they requested that how turned into a canine school transport driver:

The cute TikTok video was shared according to the driver’s viewpoint, beginning with a highly contrasting German shorthaired pointer named Jake boarding the transport and Mo Thompson welcoming him. The previous then sniffs the seats prior to viewing as his own and getting on it. His chain is then securely joined to a tackle on the seat.

The scene slices to another imposing malamute blend named Amaru, who is hanging tight for the transport in the snow. At the point when the bus stations close to him, and the entryway opens, he bounces on it and sits down. Then, a dark Labrador retriever named Bama was gotten and situated. Another canine, whose name was not referenced in the video, strolled to the transport, got on it, and settled down in his seat.

In a discussion with CNN, the proprietor of Mo Mountain Mutts, Mo Thompson, said that most of these canines could perceive their relegated seats. In any case, a portion of the pups actually don’t have the foggiest idea about their distributed seats yet. They attempt to bounce on any seat that is accessible until Mo and Lee mix them back into their “licky doggy corner.”

Mo additionally added that a few canines are rule-breakers. In another video, one canine’s tail was hanging down the seat, so the proprietor of Mo Mountain Mutts advised her to change her sitting position. She said:

In some cases during the ride, a canines tangle their chains together because of their developments out of fervor. Notwithstanding, they’re in every case securely got into their seats immediately.

Mo said the canines are permitted on every one of the seats on the transport aside from the driver’s seat, which is beyond reach. Be that as it may, in one video, Bama was seen sitting steering the ship, and Mo energetically told her:

“Who’s blaring the horn? Bama? Excuse me, ma’am, you’re not driving. Escape my seat.”
The traveler canines are in many cases offered a free treat of dried liver. Every one of them gets one. In one such video, where Mo was giving the treats to the canines, one specific canine presumably requested more than one treat, to which Mo answered:

“Excuse you, you previously had yours.”

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At the point when a host from CNN let Mo know that the canines from Mo Mountain Mutts appeared to be preferred acted over a transport loaded with kids, Mo let the host know that a lot of these canines were beasts before they began preparing under the Thompson couple.

The canines are energetic yet obedient. When the transport begins, they’re all serenely situated and respectful.

Mo Mountain Mutts additionally has an Instagram page where they share comparable recordings of the canines and their everyday meeting.