How I made soundtracks for ‘Anikulapo’ – Kent Edunjobi

Since ‘Anikulapo’, the most recent film of pro movie producer, Kunle Afolayan, debuted in films and on Netflix on September 30, 2022, it has been getting positive audits. One part of the film that has kept on getting acclaim is the soundtracks formed by artist and lyricist, Kent Edunjobi.

In a meeting with Saturday Beats, the artiste opened up on how he made the soundtracks for the film. He said, “The initial step was perusing the content and understanding the story obviously. Then, at that point, I went on the spot to absorb the vibe of the film. In that general area on the spot, we recorded a few mood and conventional drums for keep. Then, we began the tune composing cycle and recording the melodies.

“I wouldn’t actually say I was contacted in light of the fact that I have been essential for his group starting around 2016. ‘Anikulapo’ has been a task Mr Afolayan has been discussing and dealing with even before I joined his group. At the point when the content emerged and I read it, I realized the time had come to make wizardry once more. I got my group together and brought the fervor of the content down to the area and down to the music studio.”

What’s more, Edunjobi said he was happy with the surveys the film’s soundtracks had been getting and furthermore described how he met the Afolayan and the works he had done already.

He said, “Along these lines, far it’s been exceptionally extraordinary perusing individuals’ surveys and seeing this sort of buzz without pushing. Well, from the day of the film debut, the gathering has been staggering. Well then, most certainly thank you to everybody for this demonstration of adoration. I truly value everybody discussing the melodies.

“I met Mr Afolayan in 2012 and gave him a Compact disc containing my melodies. From that point onward, we lost contact. In 2016, we reconnected through Omotunde Lolo 1 and that was the manner by which I began composing melodies for movies. My first was ‘Roti’, after that we have accomplished such a lot of work together and are as yet cooperating.”