How Mama Rainbow Catered For Her 5 Children Alone Following Her Husband’s Death 38 Years Ago

Veteran Nollywood entertainer Idowu Philips prominently known as Mom Rainbow has opened up on how the demise of her significant other transformed her.

In a meeting report shared by BBC NEWS PIDGIN, the 80-year-old who hails from Ogun State uncovered that she endured seriously to prepare her five kids following her better half’s death.

She said that she hustled more than anyone and that for a widow like her to have the option to cater for five youngsters and see them through school effectively, was certainly not a simple errand.

As per Mom Rainbow, her better half died in 1984 in the wake of fighting with ailment for more than two years, and at the time her kids were extremely youthful and that was the point at which her concerns started. She said that the day her significant other died, she felt like her reality reached a conclusion, and on the grounds that she was unable to take care of the youngsters, she asked that they ought to be covered close by her better half.

That’s what she expressed on the off chance that it was difficult for two individuals to make it happen, how then, at that point, can one individual? She uncovered that after her significant other died, many individuals started to battle and insolence her, and what tormented her more than anything was that they were individuals her better half taken care of while he was alive.

She further portrayed her battles as a Nollywood entertainer and how individuals composed magazines calling her the least expensive performer. She said that she was typically paid any sum and she had no real option except to gather since she had no spouse to give her cash.

She expressed that one day she returned home to meet her kids crying in light of the fact that the landowner let them know that in the event that she can’t bear to pay lease, she ought to proceed to die like her significant other. She presumed that she truly languished over the purpose of her kids, however presently she’s glad that all the enduring has paid off.