How old is Jacob Kersey? Georgia cop resigns after posting ‘there’s no such thing’ as gay marriage


A Georgia cop, Jacob Kersey, left his occupation as specialists explored him for posting “gay marriage” via virtual entertainment can’t exist.

The 19-year-old cop was set in the office in Port Wentworth before he left the powers. In any case, the cop has now expressed that he accepts that he was compressed into leaving his place of employment in light of his Facebook post on gay marriage.

All of this occurred later, in a Facebook post, Jacob Kersey composed:

He then, at that point, guaranteed that his bosses hailed his post, after an “unknown grievance” contacted them, which further prompted an admonition. From that point forward, Kersey was put on paid semi-voluntary vacation. This was all a consequence of Jacob not erasing the Facebook post.

Notwithstanding, when he discovered that he could confront end, he rushed to surrender his abdication. Right now, Jacob is counseling a law office and is supposedly examining making a legitimate move against the concerned individuals.

After the entire disaster, Maj. Bradwick Sherrod conveyed a letter to Jacob Kersey, in which he tended to the division’s claims against him, and how the power “didn’t track down adequate proof to lay out an infringement of any strategies.”

In any case, he likewise said that his posts could raise “sensible worries” for the LGBTQ+ people group.

“As we have examined already, if it’s not too much trouble, be reminded that if any post on any of your virtual entertainment stages, or some other assertion or activity, renders you unfit to perform, and to be viewed as ready to play out, your work in a fair and evenhanded way, you could be ended.”

Maj. Bradwich additionally made sense of for Kersey that equivalent sex relationships are legitimate in Georgia, and the whole USA, beginning around 2015. While in a gathering with the office, Jacob Kersey explained that he would have rather not surrendered, as he felt that he did nothing out of sorts. He said:

This isn’t the initial occasion when Jacob Kersey has communicated his perspectives truly via web-based entertainment, as he has posted perspectives on comparable nature previously. Notwithstanding, at that point, he asserted that the specialists cautioned him that assuming he continued to post such content, he would be terminated. Thus, he at last decided to stop.

Jacob Kersey additionally referenced that there were a few individuals from the office who came dependent upon him and let him know that he did nothing out of sorts.