How old was LaShawn Thompson? Fulton County jail inmate eaten alive by bed bugs, family demands answers


LaShawn Thompson, a detainee from Fulton Province Prison, in Atlanta, Georgia, was tracked down dead in his cell in the wake of being eaten alive by kissing bugs and bugs, according to an assertion by his lawyer on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

Trigger Admonition: This article contains composed and realistic references to a grisly demise. Peruser tact is encouraged.

The 35-year-old was captured for a basic crime battery in Atalanta in June 2022, and brought to jail. He was moved to a mental ward inside the office after specialists decided he experienced emotional wellness issues. It is to be noticed that he was not indicted for the wrongdoing.

As per USA Today, the Fulton Region Clinical Analyst delivered a report expressing that Thompson was tracked down lethargic in his cell on September 19, 2022. He was before long articulated dead after clinical and policing neglected to restore him notwithstanding overseeing life-saving measures.

The specific reason for Thompson’s demise was marked as “dubious.” USA Today adds that the coroner’s report expressed the 35-year-old’s cell was swarmed with “serious blood suckers.” The report likewise takes note of that it was muddled when the casualty was most recently seen alive.

Freely available reports for the jail demonstrated that the office’s staff, including clinical faculty, knew about LaShawn Thompson’s declining wellbeing paving the way to his demise yet would not make any move.

In an official statement, Thompson’s family lawyer, Michael D. Harper, remarked on his disintegrating wellbeing and his passing, expressing:

“They in a real sense watched his wellbeing decline until he died… At the point when his body was found one of the detainment officials would not regulate CPR on the grounds that in the most natural sounding way for her she ‘went ballistic.’ The prison cell Mr. Thompson was housed in was not good for an unhealthy creature. He didn’t merit this.”
In his meeting with Atlanta News First, Harper expressed that his client’s passing at the Fulton District Prison was quite possibly of the most “uncaring passings he had experienced.”

In November 2022, the Southern Community for Basic liberties added that the Fulton Region Prison had “flare-ups of scabies and lice” last year and it was “perilously understaffed and stuffed.” They further expressed that something like ten others have died in 2022.

The Fulton District Sheriff’s Office additionally stretched out their sympathies to Thompson’s family and added that they have sent off an examination investigating his demise. As a feature of the bigger plan of changes inside the office, the accompanying moves are being made:

As well as cleaning activity to shorten transferable illnesses, they endorsed an extra $500,000 consumption in the financial plan to “address the pervasion of blood suckers, lice and other vermin” inside the facility.Routine security conventions reached out to incorporate checking for sterile circumstances.

“Mr. Thompson was tracked down dead in a foul prison cell subsequent to being eaten alive by bugs and blood suckers. We’re requesting a criminal examination concerning the matter and (major) changes at the prison.”
Notwithstanding the criminal examination, Thompson’s family is requesting that the Fulton District Prison be shut and another complex be implicit its place.