Hungary supports Romania’s Schengen entry: President

Bucharest, Sep 8 (IANS) Visiting Hungarian President Katalin Novak said that her nation upholds Romania’s offered to join the Schengen open-line zone.
Novak offered the comment during a joint public interview with her Romanian partner Klaus Iohannis after their gathering at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, reports Xinhua news organization.

“Hungary upholds Romania’s promotion to the Schengen zone, and Romania can depend on Hungary’s help in such manner,” said Novak, the main Hungarian head of state to visit Bucharest in 12 years.

Romania joined the European Union (EU) in 2007 and is one of the five EU nations that are excluded from the Schengen Area.

Iohannis said Romania is generally prepared for discoursed and uniting respective participation.

“Romania needs this participation with Hungary… to be done in the best conditions and have a positive elements, of additional turn of events, to the interest of the residents in the two nations, no matter what their ethnic beginning,” said Iohannis.

The media here by and large accept that the ongoing visit of the Hungarian President is helpful for further developing relations between the two nations after their new conflict because of ethnic minorities and a few different issues.