“I Am Not Following You To Where They Are Shooting And Breaking Bottles” – Portable Says To Promoter

Nigerian performer, Habeeb Okikiola, basically known as Convenient has experienced a circumstance in Italy that he has now brought to public mindfulness.

He should act in Padova, Italy. The overall setting were organized by the advertiser. He has been paid for the show as of now and was trusting that the coordinators will come to get him from the lodging he was remaining at in the wake of showing up in Italy. The coordinators arrived behind schedule, and around then individuals that came for the show were battling. They were breaking jugs and firing weapons.


Versatile said in a video he shared on his Instagram, “I’m not following you to where they are firing firearms and breaking bottles”. He said it was not his issue that it got to that since he showed up 2 hours before the time and was sitting tight for them to come to get him.

Versatile said he won’t discount the cash since he came as expected and meet the understanding. The coordinators appear to be not to be great with the choice he made. Convenient spread the word about the episode for people in general so it won’t be an instance of somebody blaming him for not coming to a show he was paid for.