I did you a favour in the past- Halima Abubakar calls out Linda Ikeji, warns her

Entertainer Halima Abubuakar has harshly cautioned notable blogger and financial specialist Linda Ikeji because of Linda’s blog article on her.

The Nollywood entertainer has been disgracing her colleagues and any individual who set up camp with her opponent since she got back to virtual entertainment.


Recall when Halima Abubakar uncovered a sack of worms in regards to her connections with a priest, Messenger Johnson Suleman, and her senior partner, Shan George, in the long stretch of September?

Halima Abubakar distributed screen captures of what she professed to be a talk between Shan George and the minister, reigniting their quarrel.

Messenger inquired as to whether Halima had any confirmation against her in the visit, to which Shan George answered that the entertainer isn’t adequately brilliant to hold any.

She blew hot at Shan George and requested to know why the entertainer was seeking after her.

Halima saw how Shan George spread false reports about having disease four years earlier. Shan George, however, communicated lament about it.

Taking steps to uncover more about her relationship with the minister, Halima Abubakar.

Halima encouraged the entertainer to quit safeguarding him in a past post, saying that she will come to lament her activities.

Halima noticed that the entertainer has youngsters and said that the Witness would hurt Shan George the most. Peruse more here.

Halima Abubakar was not excited with the manner in which blogger Linda Ikeji took care of her story, in spite of the way that she covered it like numerous other news locales.

Halima Abubakar inferred that Linda Ikeji was being repaid to insult her.

Linda was then helped to remember the blessing Halima had performed for her.

Taking to her Instagram story, she composed,

“Dear Linda Ikeji sup Linda? You great? Alright focused dear, pls Linda, in the event that you don’t post my story on ur IG, pls don’t post it on ur blog. You picked a side as of now… why posting codedly? I did u blessing in d past Linda. How about we keep that energy. Continue to do ur pr gyal. Aiit frantic at that”.