‘I Don’t Know Who Killed Him’ – Chidinma Ojukwu Denies Killing Super TV Boss

The Lagos High Court on Tuesday proceeded with the preliminary of Chidinma Ojukwa at the Tafawa Balewa Square for the supposed killing of Super television manager Usifo Ataga. On October 12, 2021, Ojukwu, an undergrad understudy at Arko Kalagosa College, was accused of nine includes regarding Ataga’s supposed homicide, alongside Adedapo Kwadri and Chioma Egbucha.

The court kept on watching the recorded video film of Ojukwu’s admission before Equity Jetunde Adesanya. In the video, she said she didn’t have the foggiest idea who killed the departed as she was out of the house upon the arrival of the occurrence. She said she saw Ataga on the floor when she returned, promptly got together, and left since she was terrified.

On the most recent end date, October 11, 2022, film was displayed of Ataga’s dormant body. A piece of the video likewise shows Ojukwu admitting that she killed the dead herself. In the video circulated on Tuesday, Ojukwu was inquired as to why she denied knowing the departed during cross examination.

She said she didn’t deny knowing him, however she didn’t kill him. Ojuku said: “I don’t have the foggiest idea what came in after I left the room. At the point when I returned, I saw that he was dying. I needed to go on the grounds that I was terrified. I didn’t kill him. I don’t have the foggiest idea who killed him. ”

She said that when she saw the departed in a pool of blood, she couldn’t call for help since she was frightened, adding that she likewise gathered the departed’s two iPhones and a Macbook, which were his possessions, before he left. She likewise said that the departed arranged a ton of smoke and rophynol.

Investigator Yusuf Sule called the 10th observer, DSP Olusegun Bamidele, who made sense of how the transcribed assertion of the main denounced was taken and the way in which the other blamed were captured. Bamidele said: “She began to think of herself, yet as her penmanship was not qualified, I advised her honestly or in capital letters.

That is the point at which she advised me to keep in touch with her, and she admitted that she had killed the departed. “She likewise referenced how she killed Michael Usifo Ataga and left with a blade, a cell phone, and a MacBook. We utilized her PC to take the main blamed to PC Town, and we found the telephone community.

One Yomi affirmed that exchanges between his partners and Ojukwu occurred through a PC, Bamidele said. According to he, “As the MacBook was recuperated, Ojukwu conceded that she had offered the PC to them.

We went through her call logs and tracked down incessant calls between June 15, 17, 18, and 21, call records that prompted the capture of the other charged. He tossed the telephone through the window and attempted to leap out prior to being captured.”

Witnesses said four other cell phones were recuperated from the subsequent denounced, who made sense of how he knew Ojukwu. Bamidele likewise said the subsequent blamed uncovered how Ojukwu over and again requested that he get her big smoke and Rophynol and convey them to Leki.

The third blamed was captured with the assistance for Chidinma’s receptive dad, Onoh Ojukwu, and their uncle, Obi, as well as their mom, witnesses said. The becoming aware of the case was deferred to October 20 to permit time to the hear.

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