“I Don’t Want Yul To Take My Kids From Me” Judy Austin’s Ex-husband Spills Secrets, Reveals How Yul Destroyed Their Marriage

To acquire guardianship of his youngsters, Mr. Obasi, the supposed ex of Nollywood entertainer Judy Austin who is currently marry to Yul, has argued for help.

The dad of two reached Dollface Jull through his blog and asked for help with gaining admittance to his kids.


Mr. Obasi unveiled that he wedded Judy, who was 19 at that point, when he was 29, and the couple had two exquisite kids.

He discussed how he burned through large chunk of change on Judy to earn her a college education.

As per Mr. Obasi, Judy and Yul started dating in 2012 while he was as yet his significant other.

He added that Judy and the children left their home after he declined to get her a home in Enugu. He informed her folks regarding the occurrence, however they were unaffected.

Mr Obasi added that however he had dealt with the children when Judy and Yul married, she cut off all entrance from him.

The full assertion peruses,

“So after the seniors in Judy’s people group called Mr Obasi about Yul’s goal to wed Judy. They asked him that they realize Judy is his significant other yet Yul has come to illuminate them that he will be accompanying his kin in Sunday to follow through on Judy’s lady of the hour cost so they are curious as to whether he returned Judy’s lady cost without the older folks knowing.

Mr Obasi says he educated them regarding the occurrence that occurred on 27th December 2017 and how Judy and Yul has been together since. He likewise utilized the chance to formally illuminate that about the way that May has continued on with Yul since and they even have a kid so this call they are calling him isn’t required and all he needs is to have a decent connection with his children.

Quick forward, Judy’s significant other says he has taken issue regarding having contacts with his kids to Onitsha Common freedoms, no improved outcomes. He has been to Ogidi Government assistance still no benefit.

Mr Obasi needs to beg Nigerians to assist him with advising Judy to permit him access for his children. He isn’t happy with Judy bringing up these children alone particularly in regards to such countless things he saw during their marriage and the way that Judy easily continued on with Yul without first separating from him.

He is asking Nigerian overall set of laws to show kindness toward him and give him equity of causing Judy to permit him admittance to his children. He not as associated and as rich as Yul but rather he is the dad of his two kids with Judy and he doesn’t believe that Yul and Judy should menace him out of his parental privileges.

He says since 27th December 2012, he has never given Judy and Yul any difficulty. He picked his messed up heart in harmony, he didn’t fight cuz Judy’s move demonstrated she favored Yul however for his youngsters, they are his blood and he doesn’t believe Yul should remove them from him… “.