“I Got A Glock Glock Glock” TikTok Song and Lyrics Trend

However the “My cash don’t wiggle shake” period isn’t finished at this point, we have one more melody on Tiktok’s moving page. This time tokers are making recordings to the “I Got A Glock Glock” tune.

As of late, Tiktok overwhelmed long-ruling Instagram as the most famous application of 2021. With 656 million downloads each year, makers are presently hurrying to the virtual entertainment force to be reckoned with to get their content renowned.


Moreover, it has turned into a pandora’s container of viral tunes. Indeed, even a couple second tune or an infectious line of a melody can put the entire melody and vocalist on the map for the time being.

The new “I Got A Glock Glock” tune is driving proof of this example. Who is the virtuoso behind this tune?

Who Is The Singer Behind the “I Got A Glock Glock” TikTok tune? The “I Got A Glock Glock” tune was initially posted by a Tiktok client named @srt.editzz, who likewise goes by the name of “Yo Fav proofreader’.

Be that as it may, the Tiktok page isn’t your common powerhouse page. All things being equal, the client has committed a large portion of their presents on image content.

Among every one of the recordings, “I Got A Glock Glock” is without a doubt their generally famous post. The video was first transferred on the record on May 5, 2022. In the previous month, it has earned over 1.1 million perspectives.

The remarks for the video are at present switched off. In any case, individuals have loved the video over 100k times.

With the tune’s prevalence, srt.editzz has even named the sound “TY FOR USING MY SOUND”. Nonetheless, they have not referenced any unique vocalist of the melody yet.

The first maker of the sound is really a vocalist named “Ella”. She delivered the melody on Spotify back in 2019. Likewise, the music is named “Ella This Ella That” rather than the renowned “I Got A Glock Glock” line.

Ella delivered the tune for her EP “Clear a path”. The EP additionally includes different tunes like Make Way, Never Have I ever, and Work It Out.

“Ella This Ella That” has almost half-million streams on Spotify. The second most famous tune in the EP “Clear a path” has north of 300 thousand perspectives.

In any case, Ella isn’t a standard name at the present time. However her Spotify account at present has more than 22 thousand month to month audience members, she has kept her complete name and character mysterious.

An unexpected ascent to distinction may be stunning to Ella too. Then again, the web analysts will without a doubt dive into as long as she can remember quickly.

Ella is the maker of the melody, however srt.editzz made the Tiktok remix of the tune. In this way, they merit the equivalent recognition.

In another TikTok video, srt.editzz has explicitly requested that the clients give credit while utilizing the sound. They inscribed, “The Glock part is the start however give me creds pls”.

As per srt.editzz, they switched off the remark in the viral video in view of their skeptics. However, they didn’t remark further on the issue.

“I Got A Glock Glock” Lyrics Explained However the first tune is 1 min and 30 seconds in length, the viral piece of the melody is just 8 seconds in length.

The Tiktok remix lyrics read as

“I never shop

For protection from the opps

I see you lurking, b***** get popped

H** be talkin’ non-stop

I got a Glock

I got a Glock

Got a Glock

Got a Glock, got a Glock”

The entire tune is staggeringly appealing and begins with the expression “Ella on the mic and I’m digging in for the long haul”. In light of the piece, it tends to be viewed as a cutting edge rap tune.

Then again, the Tiktok remix is a speedy variant, and the expression “I got a Glock’ is the peak part of the melody.

Yet, what does Glock allude to? Indeed, it has numerous implications.

Metropolitan word reference characterizes “Glock” as an interesting gun with no outer wellbeing. An Australian organization fabricated it. In any case, the term Glock is additionally shoptalk that likewise has a R-appraised importance in the tune.

Regardless, individuals are involving the tune in the two detects.

Ella is on the way forward and clarify the genuine verses for the melody. With its prevalence, the youtube channel Genius could welcome her soon to recount to the genuine story behind the words. Till then, at that point, Listeners can decipher the tune in their direction.

An incongruity Ella’s tune is arriving at such new levels since her melody closes as “I know you won’t sing that song…”. Presently, everyone is singing and moving to the music.

Individuals have likewise transferred the tune verses to Youtube. The video has gathered in excess of 5 thousand perspectives in only a couple of days. Moreover, remarks on the video are generally certain.

The tune is accessible on Deezer, Amazon, and other well known music streaming sites. Appears as though Ella is at long last accomplishing her fantasies to enter media outlets.

“I Got A Glock Glock” is an illustration of “persistence,” as the melody got renowned following 3 years of its underlying delivery. Fate blesses patient people.

Follow the “I Got A Glock Glock” Trend The “I Got A Glock Glock” pattern is easy to follow. You can add sound to any video that matches the energy of the tune.

Till now, there are over 145.8 thousand TikTok to the tune.

A large portion of the Tiktokers utilize the sound with wry or interesting occasions. Some are in any event, doing cosmetics and difficulties in the melodies.

TikTok @m4rrl3yy has the most famous video to the melody. Her specific TikTok, which references her father, has over 15.1 million perspectives. In like manner, the 8-sec video has been preferred over 5.1 multiple times.

@v1rgovillethis is actually a very sensitive memory in my life no one understands da pain fr

♬ TY FOR USING MY SOUND – Yo fav editor

Tiktok content maker @ceo.of.regret likewise transferred a tune with a large number of perspectives. The Tiktok has more than 2 thousand remarks and 1 million preferences.

In like manner, another content maker named @v1rgoville utilized the melody to make a video about her canine. The TikTok video has over 2.7 million hearts.

Besides, there are numerous different recordings with great many perspectives and preferences. As of now, this is the ideal sound you can pick on the off chance that you believe your video should be seen among the Tiktok audience.

You can involve the Tiktok melody in any capacity you like. The most effective way is to utilize both humor and potentially offensive humor. There is no single rule in the book!

Since the sound has no specific dance steps at the present time, you can likewise make your own dance moves. As a matter of fact, this is the best melody to get viral with dance moves at the present time.

So the thing would you say you are hanging tight for? Open your TikTok account, conceptualize a few notches and transfer your video. Perhaps your moves toward “I Got A Glock Glock” may be the pathway to your web-based profession and popularity.