I Respect The Living And Not The Dead” – Blessing CEO Blows Hot

Okoro Gift Sunday, a relationship specialist in Nigeria, says that she regards just the living and doesn’t recognize the departed.

During her live transmission about IVD and his departed spouse Airhead, this understanding abruptly came to her.

Favoring said: “You should think about the living than the dead. How would you regard the dead more than the living? God prohibit I regard the dead. I regard the relaxing”

Also, Gift quieted Anita Joseph and Nkechi Gift for training her to stay out of other people’s affairs.

Favoring claims that a many individuals are begging her to regard Airhead, who is expired, and perceive that individuals are grieving her misfortune.

That’s what she added, Nigerians are dismissing the way that it was IVD himself was the casualty in their “harmful” marriage.

Born and brought up in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigerian entertainer, maker, chief, and screenwriter Nkechi Gift Sunday (14 February 1989) presently lives in America.

She co-featured in and delivered her presentation film, Omoge Lekki, with Yinka Quadri in 2015.

Omoge Lekki got a designation for Disclosure of the Year at the Best of Nollywood Grants in 2016 and won the MAYA Grants that very year.

Furthermore, she stands firm on the footings of chief and President of the Nkechi Movies Creation and NBS Establishment.

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