I Was Robbed In a UK Supermarket; says BBNaija’s Erica

Erica was a housemate who assumed a noticeable part in the 2020 “Lockdown” time of Big Brother Naija.

All she asserted that in the wake of delaying in line to pay, she saw that her sack had been deprived of its money.


Following the occasion, the previous BBNaija housemate conveyed a few tweets through her record on Wednesday night.

“To the person who took my cash, I need to let you know that you won’t ever get that much cash-flow. Until you admit and transform yourself into the specialists, you won’t actually make 10% of it throughout everyday life,” the truth star said.

“I had my eye on a particular pack. I declined when I took in the new naira cost of one dollar and asserted I would set aside my cash. I remained in line to pay, then I left Harrods and into Zara.

At the point when it’s my move, my pack is unfilled. There is, notwithstanding, a silver lining in that occasions like this make for fascinating stories for pleasant times from here on out, and this story is without a doubt giving happiness to some at this moment.” she

They called the police on the grounds that another lady detailed the very occurrence and that her whole bag had been taken.