“I Was So Touched” Yul Edochie Reveals The Surprising Thing An Elderly Female Fan Did To Him

Nollywood entertainer and film maker Yul Edochie has imparted his contacting experience to a female fan.

The entertainer described how an older female fan came to meet him on the arrangement of a film.


She sobbed while appealing to God for himself and wished him well in the entirety of his undertakings.

Yul communicated how thankful he was for the requests and love.

Kemi Filani news reviews Yul Edochie was left stunned after a caring fan helped him out which he responded.

The entertainer imparted a screen capture of his discussion to the female fan who felt worried that Yul Edochie had a mishap. She went further to send her widow’s parasite of N1,000 to the entertainer’s record.

In a quick reaction, he affirmed the installment of N1,000 into his record and responded with 100,000 into the fan’s record.

Describing how everything occurred, the entertainer stated: “An enthusiast of mine heard I had a mishap and advised me to send my record subtleties so she’ll send me 1k so I can purchase ice block to cool my head. That is all she can bear.

I chuckled cos it sounded entertaining. I sent it and she sent 1k to me. I was so moved by her demonstration of giving. From the little she has. Such an individual will give substantially more in the event that she has more. So I sent her 100k. To cool her end of the week. Throughout everyday life, you should not have everything before you give. Give from the little you have. Not even one of us will be here until the end of time.”