ID’s A Time to Kill: What happened to Anna Lisa Raymundo?


In November 2002, Anna Lisa Raymundo was cut inside her Stamford, Connecticut, condo. Specialists found the 32-year-old Harvard graduate cut on different occasions in the chest area, neck, and face and experiencing gruff power wounds.

An examination later uncovered that Raymundo’s previous colleague and heartfelt opponent Sheila Davalloo, who had a past with her then-life partner Nelson Sessler, was behind the killing. Davalloo was just captured regarding the 2002 passing once she endeavored to kill her better half, Paul Christos.

The supposed emergency calls made by her during the two occurrences were forensically connected alongside blood proof found at the past crime location. She was found blameworthy in Anna Lisa Raymundo’s homicide case.

The most recent episode of An Opportunity to Kill on ID narratives Raymundo’s wounding demise that happened a while back. The episode named Love is the Medication broadcasted on January 6, 2023.

“For Connecticut police, opening the secret of Anna Lisa Raymundo’s homicide depends on distinguishing a baffling 911 guest, yet a veteran female investigator’s destructive sex-play examination tears open the case.”Harvard and Columbia graduate Anna Lisa Raymundo was tracked down wounded inside her Stamford loft

Born in Brooklyn, New York, in September 1970, Anna Lisa Raymundo previously finished her undergraduation from Harvard College in Massachusetts and afterward continued on toward seek after her graduate degree at Columbia College in New York, after which she worked at Purdue Pharma for two or three years prior to continuing on toward one more firm in New Jersey.

Be that as it may, on November 8, 2002, misfortune hit Anna’s life, who was living with her life partner, Nelson Sesser, in Stamford. A 911 dispatch community got a troubling call from a lady who expressed something about a man going after her neighbor. The guest neglected to recognize herself or the person in question, however she allegedly expressed that she realized the condo number and that she didn’t dwell there, saying,

“I don’t have a clue about her name, yet she’s my neighbor and she lives in 105 … I saw a person go into her condo.”

After at first giving the wrong location, the guest remedied herself and hung up the call. Specialists showed up at the scene and found 32-year-old Anna Lisa Raymundo dead on the floor. She was wounded on various occasions and supported obtuse power wounds to the head. Despite the fact that there were no indications of constrained section, the scene demonstrated a fierce battle with pools of blood and flung about things.

Police started chasing after a male suspect in light of a mysterious emergency call, yet they had not many leads. They likewise couldn’t find the secret guest, who they accepted could give additional data on the executioner. At the point when followed back, the call drove specialists to a compensation telephone at an eatery down the road close to the casualty’s condo. The case hit a stopping point because of an absence of lead after that.

Anna Lisa Raymundo was killed by her life partner’s ex-sweetheart and their colleague from Purdue Pharma, Sheila Davalloo

Anna’s previous associate from Purdue, Sheila Davalloo, was brought to the scene when specialists found out about her undertaking with the casualty’s life partner Nelson Sessler. The three worked for Purdue Pharma in 2000 when Raymundo and Sessler initially met. In any case, by 2002, the couple had moved in together, and Nelson had severed the illicit relationship with Sheila, something she messed with.

Davalloo was simply connected to Anna Lisa Raymundo’s killing in Walk 2003, when she was captured for the endeavored murder of her better half, Paul Christos. As per reports, she wounded him on numerous occasions in the chest during a sex game at their Pleasantville, New York condo.

The false emergency call from the 2002 homicide and the call Davalloo made after ruthlessly wounding Christos was utilized by criminological voice ID specialists to lay out that it was similar individual behind the two calls. Both sound accounts were inspected utilizing voice examination programming and viewed as a counterpart for the charged. Blood found at RaymuRaymundo’se scene associated her to the killing.