ID’s A Time to Kill: Where is Sheila Davalloo today?


In November 2002, 33-year-old Sheila Davalloo from Pleasantville, New York, killed her sweetheart’s “other lady” and endeavored to kill her own better half to clear her direction into her darling, Nelson Sessler’s life.

Sheila Davalloo was seen as at legitimate fault for killing Anna Lisa Raymundo and attacking Paul Christos. A couple of years after the fact, she was sentenced for Anna’s homicide. Davalloo was condemned to 50 years detainment in Connecticut in 2012.

In its most recent episode named An Opportunity to Kill, Examination Disclosure will cover Sheila Davalloo’s spine-chilling homicide secret that includes misleading, desire, and trickiness. The episode, set to air at 10 pm, is essential for their Affection is the Medication series.

In the last part of the 1970s, Davalloo moved to the US with her family in the midst of the Iranian Upset. Both her folks were wellbeing experts. Notwithstanding, Davalloo was offered at an exceptionally youthful age. She graduated in natural chemistry from the College of Stony Stream in New York.

Davalloo met Paul Christos at their doctoral level college and got into a relationship. At the point when Davalloo’s better half found she was undermining him, he separated from her, making room for Sheila and Paul to move in together. They wedded in 2000.

Sheila met Nelson Sessler a year after the fact, and the two hit it off right away. Despite the fact that Sheila wedded for the subsequent time, she uncovered nothing about Paul to Nelson.

Nelson, then again, was dating another colleague, Anna. At the point when Davalloo found that Nelson would ultimately sever with her and move in with Anna, she plotted a naughty arrangement.

Nelson’s desired reality to move in with Anna in her loft didn’t go down well with Shiela. She chose to clear her direction into Shiela in the most shrewd manner.

In November 2002, Shiela advanced into Anna’s condo and cut her multiple times. Anna additionally experienced obtuse power injury to her head. Thinking about a method for misdirecting the police, she called 911 in the wake of completing the fierce assault and let the specialists know that her neighbor was being gone after by a unidentified man.

At the point when the specialists showed up, Anna was lying dead in a pool of blood. In the call, she can heard say:

With Anna out of the picture, it was the ideal opportunity for Shiela to dispose of her better half, Paul. On Walk 22, 2003, Shiela recommended that her better half play a game with her in which one would be blindfolded while the other would contact them with various articles, and they would need to think about what object it was.

Shiela’s last item was a blade with which she wounded Paul a few times and hung tight for him to die. Subsequent to seeing that he didn’t die, she drove him to Westchester Clinical Center. She wounded him one final time in the parking garage, saw by two observers. The fact that she was gotten makes it then.