ID’s The Body in the Swamp: Where is Justin Cornell today?


In 2016, a Virginia Ocean side spa specialist named Justin Cornell was sentenced for killing and eviscerating his ex and colleague, Brianna Armstrong, and unloading her remaining parts in the Incomparable Troubling Marsh. The last option at first disappeared in May 2015. Following this, her dismantled body parts were discarded in garbage sacks, which were tracked down almost a month after the fact by a cyclist.

A jury viewed Cornell to be blameworthy in light of proof found at the scene where the body parts were found and from his home, which were supposedly all that could possibly be needed to connect him to the shocking wrongdoing. He was viewed as at fault for second-degree murder and condemned to 40 years in jail.

As per reports, Justin Cornell is as of now carrying out his extensive serving punishment at the Lawrenceville Remedial Center in Brunswick Province, Virginia.

The Body in the Marsh on ID will additionally dig into Brianna Armstrong’s case this Thursday, January 12, 2023. The authority outline states:

“At the point when a profoundly dependable representative of a Virginia Ocean side, Va., day spa neglects to go to work, her colleagues dread the most terrible; a little while later, a cyclist causes a sickening disclosure that will to everlastingly change the existences of the people who love her.”Mounting proof against Brianna Armstrong’s previous collaborator, Justin Cornell, prompted a capture in the vanishing and dismantling murder

As per CBS, in June 2015, specialists charged Justin Cornell, 38, in the demise and evisceration of a 43-year-old Brianna Armstrong from Chesapeake, Virginia. Armstrong, similar to Cornell, was a back rub specialist whose damaged remaining parts were found in garbage sacks close to the Grim Bog Channel a little while after she was accounted for missing.

Armstrong’s significant other, Corey River, detailed her missing on May 9, approximately two days after he last saw her. Her eviscerated remains were allegedly found near the Troubling Bog Waterway on May 31. A post-mortem examination uncovered that the casualty was just a short time before her remaining parts were found, proposing that she was kept alive while they were exploring her vanishing.

Both Brianna Armstrong and her thought executioner Justin Cornell filled in as back rub advisors at Knuckles N’ Bunches. Mark Harris, the administrator, let WTKR know that:

“You believe if perhaps I had seen something, we might have turned away the misfortune. I realize that they were close. I realize that they would cooperate and come to one another’s shop and I realize that Brianna would once in a while see Justin to get a back rub.”
Harris likewise asserted that he fired Cornell from the gig for inconsequential reasons soon after Armstrong was accounted for missing.

On May 31, 2015, when Brianna Armstrong’s eviscerated remains were found, agents scanned the whole Bleak Bog Trench district for proof. They found a receipt with Justin Cornell’s name on it, alongside bits of medical gloves and a couple of clothing.

Specialists then directed a pursuit of his home, where they found Armstrong’s blood on the rug, indistinguishable garbage sacks that were utilized to discard her body parts, and comparable plastic gloves, among different bits of proof. Furthermore, they understood that Cornell dwelled near the retail plaza where Brianna’s neglected vehicle was found. He was then captured and accused of homicide.

In 2016, Justin Cornell’s case in the end went to preliminary, where his safeguard group demanded his honesty. They stressed that there was no immediate actual proof or onlooker that could associate him to the wrongdoing and that all the proof against him was incidental.

The guard group even ventured to denounce Brianna’s significant other, Corey Brook, of being the executioner, guaranteeing that he had ulterior intentions on account of her unfaithfulness. Notwithstanding, the jury got back with a liable decision, indicting Cornell for second-degree murder.

He was condemned to 40 years in jail, the greatest sentence for the charge, and is allegedly as yet spending time in jail at the Lawrenceville Remedial Center in Brunswick Area, Virginia.