‘I’ll Not Leave My Cheating Husband’- Actress Ruth Eze

Ruth Eze, a Nollywood entertainer, has proclaimed that she won’t leave her double-crossing spouse since all men are faithless seeing someone including men who guarantee to be devotees of God.

Ruth Eze heard from her dad when she was a young lady that it is in each man’s temperament to mislead. She conceded, notwithstanding, that couple of men are dedicated to their wives that as opposed to simply leaving on the off chance that she finds her mate having an unsanctioned romance, she will put him down and have a discussion.


“My late dad let me know that men are polygamous yet assuming you are fortunate, you will track down the one that won’t rub it all over. Assuming I find him cheating, it’s OK.

We will plunk down and discuss it in light of the fact that in all honestly, every man in this world cheats even; Ministers, reverends Fathers as well.

My sweetheart used to say, “Ruth, your sort of psyche is expected to carry on with this life,” she said in a new meeting with Saturday Sun.

No man is dependable. You’d see a man who bamboozled a day prior to his big day.

He planned to marry the next day and they got him gasps down with his sweetheart.I feel it’s their tendency and I won’t leave a man since he cheats however I will leave a man when I see that you are volatile, savage, or harmful for my energy yet assuming it’s cheating, I won’t leave the man.”