I’m Not Insensitive, Conscience Guided Me — BBNaija’s Amaka

An as of late ousted Big Brother Naija (Level Up) housemate, Amaka Mbah, has said that in opposition to what a portion of her kindred housemates have said, she is definitely not a heartless individual.

Talking in a meeting with Saturday Beats, she said, “I was not being harsh in the house. I just acted in light of my still, small voice.”


Discussing the fights she had while in the house, Amaka expressed that she was simply acting naturally, and not going for the gold. She said, “It was difficult being in the house. I had fights (with different housemates) and I was miserable. I didn’t have the foggiest idea what was going on outside, so it could never have been a technique on my part.”

Concerning conflict with Bryan, Amaka noticed that she felt he was on a mission to incite her purposefully. She said, “I attempted to deal with the issue among me and Bryan, yet I felt he was attempting to get a response from me. While I was clearing up something for the housemates, he continued making irritating sounds and expressed that I was genuinely unintelligent, and that bothered me.”

Responding to Kess, who expressed in a prior interview, that she was a coldhearted individual, Amaka said, “From my comprehension, we are various individuals and maybe, we misconstrued one another. Yet, I was not being unfeeling. Everybody has their perspective and assuming that is his viewpoint about me, I don’t haveThe ex-BBN contender likewise expressed that she didn’t have explicit features during her experience on the show in light of the fact that consistently accompanied various exciting bends in the road. She said, “I didn’t have explicit features in the house since there were measures consistently. Consistently was paramount for me.”

On her apparent casual mentality, particularly during the undertakings, Amaka guaranteed that she was managing a ton while in the house. She said, “About me being casual, that was not the situation. I had a ton happening in the house and I am a person. As to ‘Supa Comando’ task, I figured it would be serious and require a ton of energy, so I needed to eat a long time prior to partaking in it.” an issue with that.”

Pushing ahead, Amaka noticed that she would use the BBNaija stage to construct her image. As per her, she is for the most part keen on acting, displaying, broadcasting and brand impacting.