I’m Scared of Looking At The Mirror Because Of How I Turned to Another Thing- Violet

Miss Violet, who was born with next to no deformation offered this expression during a Meeting with BBC Pidgin.

It was accumulated that the unexpected change in her life started when she was determined to have an extreme illness and afterward found it has no fix.


The 27-year-old, Violet is experiencing one intriguing ailment which the specialists call Scleroderma.

As per a report, Scleroderma is a sort of sickness that is otherwise called known fundamental sclerosis.

A gathering of intriguing infections included the solidifying and fixing of their skin, It for the most part influences a larger number of ladies than men.

The young woman has quite recently completed her Public Certificate in delta state and she was considering where to do her temporary job.

Fierce first seen one dull spot on her back,then her hands start to dim and they generally different to dark simultaneously.