“I’m the closest to JIMIN”: Taeyang shared how he felt while working with Jimin in a recent interview

On January 16, 2023, 1thk Firsts dropped a meeting with BIGBANG’s Taeyang on their YouTube channel, where the vocalist shared how he had an outlook on functioning with BTS’ Jimin for their melody Energy.

Taeyang and BTS’ Jimin’s new cooperative track, Energy, was delivered on January 1, overall on Sporify, and gathered more than 4.5 million streams on the principal day itself. From that point forward, the tune has been ruling a few outlines and making records. Fans applauded the pair for their hypnotizing vocals, movement, and the verses of the music video.


In a new meeting with 1thk Firsts, the BIGBANG part shared numerous things, including how he had an outlook on functioning with Jimin and how he collaborated and got to know the BTS part. He likewise told that he’s been companions with RM and J-trust. Notwithstanding, he’s nearest to Jimin:

In the meeting, Taeyang admitted that he was near individuals from BTS, including RM, J-trust, and Jimin. He said that he had met them on different events which developed their kinship. The vocalist even saw an article about how Jimin and J-trust once referenced that they earnestly love and regard BIGBANG’s Taeygang and wish to be like him.

Taeyang answered that while BIGBANG was dynamic collectively, they didn’t have a lot of communication with BTS. The vocalist referenced that he was as of late welcome to J-trust’s performance listening party and met RM habitually at a few presentations and workmanship fairs. Thusly, he became companions with them.

He said they are incredible individuals, and he needs to gain some useful knowledge from them. Be that as it may, as he began his music vocation sooner than them, he offered a guidance to them too. After finding out if he had drawn near to them, the icon answered that he was the nearest to the Channel vocalist.

Taeyang affectionately referred to him as “Jimine” rather than Jimin, as that is the manner by which individuals who are near one another in South Korea discuss their dear loved ones.

Besides, in the wake of seeing the video of a more youthful Jimin moving to BIGBANG’s melody, Taeyang answered that he’s so youthful and loves the way he’s cutting and looks charming. He further referenced that he recently heard from many sources that Jimin loved him all along and used to sing his tunes. Nonetheless, this was his most memorable time watching him dance to one of his my melodies.

The symbol additionally referenced how it felt to function with the individuals from BTS and what he gained from them. Aside from that, Taeyang referenced that he was appreciative to form and create music with him. He felt something new when he worked together with Jimin since it caused him to feel a few, numerous things.

Taeyang referenced that Jimin tried sincerely and with energy. He gained some significant knowledge of new things from the BTS part and furthermore referenced that the movement of the music video was something everybody can anticipate. Jimin likewise referenced that he had honestly loved the BIGBANG part since center school.

The icon additionally referenced in the meeting how he was contacted when the BTS vocalist paid attention to BIGBANG’s ALIVE collection when he was in center school, and how its tracks spurred Jimin to turn into an artist like him. Also, the BIGBANG part was thankful when the icon let him know he could play his Wedding Dress tune on the piano as the melody isn’t a lot of popular external his fanbase.

When the meeting circulated around the web among the fans, they were delighted to figure out that both the symbols were cheerful about working with one another. Also, they were excited that Jimin at last got to work and collab with his job mode. Fans additionally valued the sort of individual the symbol is and the way that he merits only regard.

Then again, the BIGBANG part’s fans were happy to see the meeting of their number one symbol.