Imlie 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie’s Innocence Gets Her Arrested

Imlie looks for Cheeni while Atharv looks for the voice he heard just at this point. He remains behind Imlie with out seeing her. Imlie’s dupatta flies and falls all over.

Cheeni passes in the middle among them and stands seeing Atharv. Imlie requests that Cheeni get her dupatta.

Cheeni takes it from Atharv and returns it to Imlie. Manager removes Atharv. Cheeni admonishes Imlie for getting into among swarm and requests that she proceed to stand by outside.

Imlie will get Rupali’s name and illuminates her that she and Cheeni are on the manner by which. A kid knocks on her, dropping her cell down.

Imlie sees a kid dropping a white powder parcel and returns it to him. He wonders whether or not to take it.

She says she is now having cerebral pain because of group, he should accept again his parcel.

Kid says its a cerebral pain drugs. Imlie inquires as to whether its a characteristic medications from an ayurvedic store.

Kid says sure, sees police peering out him, and takes off. Police get depleted peering out him and discuss that they purchased cerebral pain working behind a medication merchant. Imlie gives them white powder and says keeping under control their headache is going.