Imlie 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Selects Imlie For Atharv

Rathore family goes to a wedding perform. Imlie meets her lady of the hour buddy Parul.

Parul acquaints Imlie and Cheeni with her partners who reward Cheeni’s superbness and dressing model.

A body commends Imlie’s superbness and broadens a companionship hand.

Cheeni stops him and inquires as to whether he can’t see extra shocking issues round.

Imlie says in the event that everyone pays thought to Cheeni, she will get a nazar, so let or not it’s. She applies nazar ka teeka on Cheeni.

Cheeni says she is a senseless. Narmada goes along with them and chides Imlie. Parul’s mother requests that Imlie keep up with Parul’s mehandi in sanctuary for favors.

Rupali applies nazar ka teeka to Imlie and says one who’s troubled for everyone needs nazar ka teeka most.

She says she is an imitation of her mother and helps to remember sr Imlie. Imlie will get profound and says her mother’s story appears to be a fantasy. Rupali encourages her.