In rain-hit Bengaluru, tractors turn unlikely heroes on roads

Bengaluru, Sep 7 (IANS) Tractor is the new popular expression moving in the cutting edge circles of the city.
The unassuming workhorse in homesteads and building destinations that were an uncommon sight on Bengaluru streets are a universal sight, since gigantic precipitation prompted phenomenal flooding in the city’s IT centers.

Determined by the discouraging situation unfurling in the city since Sunday, tech and begin up honchos are dumping their extravagant vehicles and hitching rides on farm haulers, to guarantee the show goes on.

Web-based entertainment is inundated with examples of the city’s geeks and their managers riding work vehicles with energy.

In the event that Unacademy manager Gaurav Munjal, with pet canine close by, took a farm truck ride to somewhere safe and secure, Upgrad’s India CEO Arjun Mohanan likewise took a little work vehicle help to come to office.

Seeing farm vehicles shipping travelers to and from the city’s air terminal has been a typical sight. Drivers, who might ordinarily grumble about farm haulers dialing back traffic on the city streets, are currently checking out at work vehicles in another light.

“If not for these farm haulers, we could not have possibly had the option to deal with this time,” said Mohan Raj, an IT area proficient.

After phenomenal downpours lashed the city since Sunday, the IT capital of India has in a real sense been kneeling down. Downpour and water spilling over from the city’s numerous lakes have transformed streets into streams, and overwhelmed houses.

Notwithstanding customary vehicle modes like vehicles and bicycles abandoned in rising waters, the never-say-die soul of the city’s occupants has come to the front.

In the interim, with the met division foreseeing further downpour throughout the following couple of days, it doesn’t seem to be Bengaluru’s cup of burdens aren’t evaporating at any point in the near future.