Inside Angelo Ogbonna And Wife Laura Marchetti Married Life

Angelo Ogbonna is a 34 years of age Italian expert footballer born on the 23rd of May 1988 in Cassino, Italy.

The footballer plays for Premier League club West Ham United as a middle back. Prior to joining the group, he played for Italian football clubs, including Cassino, Torino, and Juventus.

Ogbonna is the child of Nigerian guardians who emigrated to Italy in 1983, so he accepted his Italian citizenship solely after his eighteenth birthday celebration. Moreover, the competitor appeared with the Italian under-21 group on the twelfth of August 2009. In like manner, he made his senior presentation on the eleventh of November, 2011.

Inside Angelo Ogbonna And Wife Laura Marchetti Married Life Angelo Ogbonna gives off an impression of being a hitched man; he could have sealed the deal with the lovely Laura Marchetti; be that as it may, the couple hasn’t posted the minutes from their wedding service.

Ogbonna and Marchetti haven’t uncovered the date they took the marital promises and wished each other a blissful commemoration on their long range informal communication locales. In any case, they have posted numerous lovely pictures with their little ones on Instagram. Angelo and Laura are living cheerfully ever after with their children. Ideally, they will before long uncover when and where they sealed the deal and focused on spending always together until their hair becomes dim.

Untold Facts On Marchetti and Her Personal Life Laura Marchetti and Angelo Ogbonna have known one another for over a long time since they started posting pictures via online entertainment in 2016.

The footballer’s significant other hasn’t uncovered how she makes ends meet, yet she could presently be a full-time mother as they have two children or work from home to remain next to her children day in and day out.

Moreover, the couple hasn’t revealed insight into how they met and fell head over heels for the media, so their romantic tale has stayed a secret. In any case, they haven’t restricted themselves from communicating their affection through online entertainment.

Moreover, Marchetti is more established than her darling; she turned 41 on the fourteenth of April, according to a post made by Ogbonna on Instagram. In any case, Angelo turned 34 on the 23rd of May. So they have a seven-year hole between them, yet it doesn’t change their affection for one another.

Angelo Ogbonna Has Two Children Angelo is a dad of two; Laura has favored him with a child named Samuel and a girl named Nora. The two cute youngsters are the core of the footballer.

The competitor’s better half brought forth their most memorable youngster Samuel in 2016, and he will praise his sixth birthday celebration on the fourteenth of December 2022 under the Sagittarius mysterious sign.

Moreover, they invited their child young lady Monella, whom they call little Nora, in 2020, and the two years of age commends her birthday on the 23rd of April each spending year. Her soothsaying is the second indication of the zodiac Taurus, represented by a bull.

Angelo Ogbonna Family Life In A Nutshell Ogbonna has a wonderful group of four, including his better half and kids, and he frequently makes posts of his friends and family via web-based entertainment; he goes by the handle @angeloogbonna21.

In spite of having a bustling life preparing and keeping up with great shape as an Italian public group footballer, he generally makes time to enjoy quality minutes with his loved ones.

Moreover, Laura and the children additionally visit him during the matches to help their pleased dad and accomplice. They likewise travel to many places together to make recollections and love them for a lifetime.

Angelo with his soul mate and Samuel visited Japan in 2019 when Nora wasn’t born, and comparatively, they will go on one more excursion in the future with their child young lady. Marchetti has given a sneak look at the days they spent during their famuli stumble on her long range informal communication site. She goes by the username @m_laura6 and has made 481 posts as of the nineteenth of August 2022.