Inside The Life Of Dermott Brereton And Partner Julie May

Dermott Brereton accomplice Julie May is a Melbourne-based model and beautician. Julie May fills in as a model for Winks Model.

Dermott is a previous expert Australian principles football player in the Australian Football Association (AFL). The previous player was generally known for his forceful style of play.

At present, he functions as an AFL observer on Foxtel’s 24-hour AFL channel, Fox Footy. Likewise, he is related with the radio broadcast SEN 1116.

Besides, he kicked 464 objectives and played in five premierships for Hawthorn during his 211-game vocation. What’s more, he is a previous overseer of the Hawthorn Football Club.

Dermott Accomplice Julie May Dermott Brereton is at present dating his accomplice Julie May. Dermott Brereton was formerly dating Stephine. Brereton and Julie are yet to be husband and spouse; several has not hitched at this point. The weddings may before long ring. May hails from Victoria and fills in as a model for Wink Models. She remains at a level of 182 cm and has light hair.

They as of late went on a get-away to Santorini Caldera, Thìra, Greece. The couple matched their outfits in matching whites. In June, Julie posted an image with Dermott subtitled, “So much to cherish about the island of Paros… .. the design is lopsided, flawlessly painted and like out of a fantasy. 🇬🇷” The model has been maturing in reverse; she has been a compelling figure for skincare and wellness.

Julie is accessible on Instagram as @ 50_and_me_and_you. She has 738 devotees, follows 430 different records, and has 43 posts.

She began highlighting Dermott on her feeds in February 2019. They were seen visiting Kruger Public Park Satara Camp.

Brereton Relationship History The previous competitor was hitched to Tony Skinner during the 1990s. She is the entertainer from Offer of the Hundred years. They separated from in the wake of being in a conjugal relationship for a long time. Aside from that, Brereton was recently hitched to Urska Sabec. Brereton has had different associations with ladies and has been married to more than one lady. Indeed, even after the partition, Brereton actually likes to observe Christmas with his previous spouse and youngsters. Dermott then, at that point, got into a relationship with Nicky Whelan. The previous couldn’t endure the relationship and isolated. Dermott then began dating Stephanie in 2014. He was seen commending his 50th birthday celebration at Circuit, Club 23, Crown with her. As per heraldsun, Brereton expressed “In the event that I hadn’t got separated, I’d be resigned,” the dad of two said. “My most youthful kid Devlin is 15 and when I own him to adulthood, and he’s set on his way, who knows, I could proceed to live in Bali.”

Brereton is the dad of two youngsters from his past relationship. His previous spouse has authority of his child Devlin and girl Keely.