iPhone 14’s ‘Crash Detection’ feature may not always detect collision


San Francisco, Oct 2 (IANS) The Crash Detection feature, that is found in iPhone 14 models and an Apple Watch, has passed through a new take a look at that reveals whilst it efficiently fires and whilst it does now not.

In a video from the Wall Street Journal, a demolition derby driving force time and again rammed two distinct vehicles.


He had a Google Pixel inside the vehicle, which can also stumble on crashes, and an Apple Watch Ultra with an iPhone 14 model, reviews AppleInsider.

Next, an iPhone 14 and Google Pixel were also located aspect-by using-aspect in each vehicle.

Testing showed that the Apple Watch worn with the aid of the driving force was successful at detecting crashes.

However, the iPhone did not locate any of the affects in the first vehicle, the record stated.

The Google Pixel did stumble on one crash inside the driving force’s car, however neither telephone went off in the car that were given crashed into.

With automobile number , the testers drove it around before crashing to make the smartphones suppose it changed into valid. But again, the crash did no longer cause the smartphones.

When WSJ contacted Apple and Google with the consequences, Apple stated a lack of data can be why the iPhone 14 didn’t hit upon the crashes.

Perhaps it was as it wasn’t related to CarPlay, or the tester did not pressure around the automobile lengthy enough.