Iranian lawmaker says French, Swiss Presidents delivered US messages over nuclear talks


Tehran, Sep 26 (IANS) A senior Iranian legislator said that French and Swiss Presidents conveyed US messages to the Iranian President in New York about the resumption of the atomic discussions and agreeing on the issue, semi-official Fars news organization revealed.

Vahid Jalalzadeh, Director of the Iranian Parliament’s Public safety and International strategy Council, offered the comment in a broadcast interview remarking on the gatherings between Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his French and Swiss partners Emmanuel Macron and Ignazio Cassis uninvolved of the 77th meeting of the Unified Countries General Get together (UNGA).

Going with Raisi on the visit, Jalalzadeh on Sunday said that Macron communicated interest in the continuation of the discussions on the recovery of a 2015 atomic arrangement, adding “assuming Iran embraces specific strategies, Europe will actually want to convince the US to restore the atomic arrangement”.

He added that the Iranian President let Macron know that Iran has once endured misfortunes by confiding in the US inside the system of the arrangement, officially known as the Joint Complete Game plan (JCPOA), and Raisi said “don’t request that we support another misfortune”.

The Swiss President likewise passed on a message from the US containing Washington’s solicitation for a direct reciprocal gathering with Tehran, said Jalalzadeh.

The administrator added that the Iranian President declared unequivocally that Tehran won’t pull out from its situation on the need of settling the protections issues with respect to the country’s atomic program in the discussions on the JCPOA’s restoration, Xinhua news organization announced.

Raisi had been in New York from Monday to Friday to partake in the UNGA and held converses with other taking part states’ Leaders uninvolved of the headliner.