“Irresponsibility At Its Peak” Netizens Come Hard On 2face As He Allegedly Impregnates Another Lady

Nigerians have responded to the viral news that unbelievable Nigerian artist Innocent Idibia, known as 2Face or 2Baba, is anticipating his eighth youngster from another lady.

The web has been agog with hypotheses following the artist’s general acknowledgment to Annie Idibia and his other child mom for being reckless.


A couple of days prior, Kemi Filani news detailed that Musician 2face Idibia offered a general acknowledgment to his better half, Annie Idibia, for harming her for the umpteenth time.

On Instagram, 2Face shared a video of Annie in bed joined by the statement of regret note, saying ‘sorry’ for all the shame he had caused his better half, families, the executives and child mothers.

He stated: “las this is no trick. Please accept my apologies for all the humiliation I’ve caused my better half, my children, my mom, and every one of our families and my supervisory group. I’m not searching for no compassion. I’m doing whatever it takes not to do right by myself. This is no converse brain research bologna I essentially don’t have any desire to be the one that generally apologizes. I’ve been a crappy dad and a crappy spouse and a crappy child daddy.

I have no justifiable reasons. I simply believe that should do appropriate for my better half, and my children and their mothers and my mother and all families and my supervisor and companions. I ask ya all to pls simply face me and drop me at any rate m I’ve been a star for such a long time that my tactical armor is exhausted I’m not stopping or self-destructive or surrendering. I simply need to return to my default settings and censure my job mod status and compensate for some recent setbacks with my children and give you all music that will cause u to recall and comprehend the reason why they call me 2BABA”.

Following this turn of events, a report arose online that 2Face Idibia’s general acknowledgment was on the grounds that he is anticipating his eighth youngster from another lady.

Albeit 2Face and his significant other avoided the hypotheses making adjusts, netizens have taken to virtual entertainment to offer their viewpoints with respect to the issue.

Psomadina: Irresponsibility at its peak..from the hitched man to the ones who lay down with him! Wow! How might you have such low regard for yourself? One slip-up is sufficient to forgive..what is this???

odjegbas_princess: It’s the manner by which Annie continues to humiliate herself to conceal any hint of failure for me

sanyaolufunmilayo_o: I censure this sort of injury from somebody you called your better half I feel for her

somtohchukwu_: And to believe that I even felt profound while perusing that yesterday

youaintsteph. xx: Annie ought to simply separate, he even told her he adored her yet he got another person pregnant

dat_big_fish_06: This is bologna pls it’s not simply cheating any longer we are stressed over them cheating without security additionally the insolence is fucking an excess of are we not in any event, taking into account STD ???? Like for Fuck sakes