Is Alex Honnold Still With Sanni McCandless?

Indeed, Alex Honnold is still with Sanni McCandless. Hannold and Sanni secured the bunch on Sep 13, 2020.

Alex is perhaps of the most great climber on the planet. On June 2017, he set the standard as the principal individual to free independent the upward rock arrangement, El Capitan in Yosemite Public Park.

The recording of exactly the same accomplishment was reported in the 2018 film ‘Free Performance’. It won Oscar in the class of Best Narrative Element.

As of late, the perceived stone climber Alex and Esteban Topo Mena climbed up Mount Vinson and Mount Shinn, Antarctica’s most noteworthy and third-most noteworthy pinnacles.


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He is an extraordinary climber who is dauntless and energetic about his art. The Platform is the primary course that he soloed in 2007.

His book ‘Alone on the Wall’ was sent off at Banff Mountain Film Celebration in Nov 2015. He was highlighted on the front of Chris Respectable’s book ‘Why We Move’ in 2017.

He was respected with the Underhill Grant from the American High Club on Jan 21, 2018. He has the webcast ‘CLIMBING GOLD’.

Alex established the Honnold Establishment in 2012. The establishment’s motivation is to make an existence where each human can bear the cost of environmentally friendly power.

Is Alex Honnold Still With Sanni McCandless? Alex Honnold is still with Sanni McCandless and several has a youngster. The pair dated for quite a while before they got hitched.

Sanni acknowledged Alex’s proposition to be engaged the day after Christmas, December 26, 2019. They held a little family service in Lake Tahoe, California.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, the couple couldn’t toss a stupendous service. It was a personal and lovely wedding.

The loved ones put in their absolute best effort to make the event fruitful. Favorable to climber Tommy Caldwell administered the wedding.

The lady looked brilliant in a dazzling outfit, while the husband to be wore a dim suit. The recently hitched team got favors from their dear loved ones.

At last, the primary rush of Coronavirus dialed back in 2021. Then, at that point, the stunning couple recharged their marital promises in an all out festival.

Sanni was pregnant around then. The wedding dress was adjusted to accommodate her child knock. Everyone celebrated to their souls’ content and moved throughout the evening.

She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her better half and kid. Voyaging and climbing are a piece of the couple’s life.

June Honnold Is The Main Girl Sanni McCandless brought forth her main girl June Honnold on February 17, 2022. June was conveyed at 10:30 pm on Thursday.

Her mother needed to go for an impromptu c-segment because of unexpected issues. The unexperienced parents were stunned and terrified.

Meanwhile, she was not relaxing. So she must be taken to the ICU. In the long run, the child recuperated, and everything was great.

She ended up being a cordial youngster who loves meeting new individuals. Her other interest lies in blowing raspberries, eating string, and creeping.

The new individual from the Honnold family has one noticeable dimple. There are difficulties, yet June and her mother take to the street for a young lady’s excursion often.


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On December 3, 2022, June was taken by her mom and father on a climb to Scaffold Mountain. The Honnold family takes incredible delight out and about.

Little June went with her folks from multi-contribute climbing Vegas to a frigid climb in Mammoth. She has finished her most memorable year around the sun.

Alex Honnold Family Foundation

Alex Honnold family involved 4 individuals while growing up as a young man. The main kin of the renowned climber is sister Stasia Honnold.

He was born to his mother Dierdre Wolownick and father Charles Honnold. They filled in as school teachers.

From the youthful age of 5, he started climbing inside. As he grew up, his adoration and energy for the game expanded.

For the longest timeframe, he lived in his mother’s minivan and tent. Afterward, he began living in a vehicle he purchased with his cash.

Dierdre is from Poland, and Charles is German. Alex was born to school teachers on August 17, 1985, in Sacramento, California.

Mother Dierdre Wolownick

Dierdre filled in as a language educator. She is a creator as well as a performer. Dierdre demonstrated that age is only a number.

At 50 years old, she began running. Then, at 60, she started her stone climbing venture.

On her 70th birthday celebration, she set the standard as the most seasoned lady to climb El Capitan. She broke the record that she set in 2017.

Sister Stasia Honnold Stasia is the senior sister of Alex. She is a human-controlled traveler whose primary vehicle mode is a bike or foot.


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The excited cyclist is a hitched lady who lives in Portland, Oregon, with her better half. In this speedy world, she lean towards slow living.

She possesses neither a cell phone nor a vehicle. Meanwhile, the Hannold kin some of the time collaborates for the rush throughout everyday life.

Alex Honnold Spouse Sanni McCandless

Sanni McCandless Honnold is a day to day existence and change Mentor for outside disapproved of people. She co-possesses Outwild, which is a local area that makes open air occasions.

She sent off her training adventure formally on June 19, 2017. She has practical experience in vocation changes.

Sanni has a site devoted to her instructing business. She gives studios to individuals who need to bounce from their present place of employment to their fantasy callings.

She gets a kick out of the chance to enjoy unclear climbs requiring somewhat blindsiding and backtracking. Aside from that, she adores perusing and painting expressions.

Sanni and her sister Jaime were raised by their dad and mom, Marijke McCandless. Marijke is a mindfulness specialist and author.

Every one of the individuals from her family love outside exercises. In any case, her sister Jaime Marijke stands apart among them.

It was her sister who took her stone moving interestingly. Sanni gives credit to her sister for molding her into the lady she is today.

Her grandparents co-claimed a boat. In this way, Sanni, her sisters, and her cousin used to visit them for half a month in the late spring.

Sanni was highlighted on the front of the Las Vegas Week after week for their article on the climbing local area here in Vegas.

At the point when Alex isn’t home, she is joined by her companion Sandy Russell on fun climbing experiences. Sandy even deals with her little girl during the excursion.

In July 2022, Sanni Went to the culmination ‘The North Twin Sister’ with her companions. On December 3, 2022, the wellbeing mentor climbed Extension Mountain with her better half and companions.


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Sanni was born on June 30. While growing up, Sanni did theater and ensemble. In 2016, on her birthday, she got over The Swiss Mountain.

She is dynamic on her checked Instagram handle as @sannimccandless, with 783 posts and 370K devotees. There she gives the audience a look into her lively life.

Like her accomplice, Mccandless finds euphoria while rock climbing and review hypnotizing landscape.