Is Aneesa Bisexual or Gay in Never Have I Ever Season 3?

Devi Vishwakumar’s young adult inconveniences are continued in the Netflix series “Never Have I Ever.” Everyone around her frequently gets sucked into the unrest that her adoration life makes. After Devi’s separation with Ben and Paxton, Aneesa enters the unique in the subsequent season. Aneesa is an Indian American, and due to her unexpected ubiquity, Devi feels jealous of her. At the point when Aneesa starts dating Ben, for whom Devi actually has a few sentiments, things become considerably more complicated.

Aneesa is at first introduced as a wellspring of contention, however as the story advances, we get familiar with the different features of her character. At the point when she kisses Fabiola in the third season, things goes above and beyond. Does this infer Aneesa is gay? Is it safe to say that they are sexually unbiased? What you want to know is as per the following. Spoilers follow.

Is Aneesa Bisexual? The third season’s occasions clarify that Aneesa is strange, despite the fact that the show doesn’t authoritatively mark her sexuality. Aneesa had until recently never had any fascination for a similar sex, so maybe it shocks both her and the audience when she kisses Fabiola.


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Her relationship with Ben is in ruins by then. She can see that while Ben will invest energy chatting with Devi, he is plainly more intrigued by his studies with regards to her. Aneesa chooses to stop their relationship since Ben doesn’t appear to be extremely impacted by her concerns, even after she imparts them to him. She genuinely regrets it since her own life is going great at the present time.

She is succeeding scholastically and her games group has at last won a competition. Be that as it may, she requires an ally who will support her and help her vibe great about her accomplishments. She guesses that her sweetheart will act in such manner, yet Ben appears to be more engaged in Devi’s savage than Aneesa’s achievements.

At the point when she is at her generally helpless, Fabiola solaces her by saying definitively what Aneesa needed to hear from Ben. In spite of the way that they appear to be totally changed individuals, Fabiola persistently empowers her.

Aneesa kisses her therefore, however it is off-kilter for them both. Aneesa is as yet figuring out her sexuality and hasn’t emerged to anybody, so they don’t educate anybody on the grounds that Fabiola would rather not compress her.

Be that as it may, in the long run they choose to set the uneasiness to the side and start dating. Nonetheless, as their characters wander, Aneesa concludes that they ought to head out in different directions calmly as opposed to permitting things to become harsh in the wake of seeing that Fabiola has a more grounded bond with Addison, Des’ companion whom they met at Devi’s party.


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Aneesa comprehends she ought to likely search for somebody who shares her inclinations. This shows that Aneesa’s proceeded with sexual direction was not the reason for the separation. Despite the fact that she inclines toward the queerer finish of the range, she really wants to figure out the thing she is truly looking for.

Aneesa doesn’t have the average “letting out the unadulterated truth” experience, in this manner her sexuality may be more mind boggling than essentially being gay or sexually unbiased. She may be sapiosexual or pansexual, considering that both of her exes were mentally brilliant. Aneesa is most certainly not hetero, that much is sure.