Is Christina Milian Married and Who Is the Husband?

Christina Milian is hitched to French R&B vocalist Matt Pokora. The couple married in December 2020 and have a kid together.

Before her union with Pokora, she was momentarily hitched to The Fantasy, an American artist, lyricist, and record maker, from 2009 to 2011.

Christina Milian has been with various different men previously and between her two relationships, however this article will zero in on investigating the entertainer’s life as a wedded lady.

Who is Christina Milian Hitched To? As recently referenced, Christina Milian is hitched to French R&B vocalist Matt Pokora.

Milian and Pokora purportedly met without precedent for August 2017 at a café in France. Their most memorable gathering wasn’t all that in light of the fact that the conditions encompassing their gathering weren’t the very thing Christina had as a main priority when she plunked down, probably for a feast, in the café.

As destiny would have it, Pokora was additionally in the eatery simultaneously as Milian. Each sign focuses to the way that both Matt and Christina came into the eatery alone. The French have gained notoriety for being exceptionally heartfelt, and the eatery administrator felt it was his obligation to satisfy that standing. He, notwithstanding, needed to figure out something worth agreeing on to ignite any discussion between the would-be-couple, and he found the ideal one in the way that they were the two artists.

On that premise, he went on to propose to the two of them to talk while they sat tight for their dinner. Naturally, Christina was reluctant to start up a discussion with an all out stranger basically on the grounds that they were the two performers. She steadily got used to the attractive outsider, and their underlying discussion transformed into an all out relationship in a little while.


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It was a relationship that would ultimately transform into a marriage as Milian and Pokora purportedly traded their commitments at a Paris municipal center on December 15, 2020. Their wedding wasn’t that intricate and Christina’s wedding outfit of a straightforward white glossy silk dress, instead of an enormous wedding outfit, underlines that reality.

There is at present no snippet of data about what Matt himself wore to the wedding, however one would likewise accept that it was something as basic as what his better half wore. Most likely the biggest fresh insight about the occasion was that the couple had the honor of having the City hall leader of Paris administer their wedding.

In the wake of trading conjugal promises, the wedding party, which incorporated two or three’s loved ones, continued to have a confidential lunch at the Les Jardins du Faubourg eatery. Unintentionally or by plan, the eatery had a place with one of their common companions, and it was likewise a fitting method for commending their association because of the way that they met in a café very much like that one a little more than three years prior.

Christina Milian’s Better half is a French Vocalist It has been very much expressed that Christina Milian’s ongoing spouse is a notable French vocalist who spends significant time in the R&B classification. Milian’s better half was born Matthieu Tota on September 26, 1985, in Strasbourg, France.

He is the child of footballer Andre Tota and his ex, Brigitte Tota. A 13-year-old Matthieu gave testimony regarding the disintegration of his parent’s marriage in 1998.

Matt Tota went to a grade school situated in Hohberg prior to getting his professional education from School Paul-Emile Victor in Mundolsheim. He likewise stowed an extra degree in an at this point unidentified course of study from Lycee Aristide Briand in Schiltigheim close to Strasbourg.

He needed to be a footballer in his more youthful days, and seeing why is simple. He needed to resemble his dad. Matt at last chose to be a performer, and when the time had come to pick a phase name, he went for Matt Pokora. Pokora is the Clean word for modesty, and it was a name he picked after having a discussion with his Clean grandma.


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Matt Pokora’s choice to be a performer has shown to be an enlivened one as he has accomplished a quantifiable degree of progress in that field. He has been dynamic beginning around 2003 and has 9 independent studio collections to show for his persistent effort, with the latest one coming in 2019.

Matt Pokora and Christina Milian Have Been Hitched For More than a Year Christina Milian and her French spouse have been hitched couple for north of one year at this point. Excepting an insane and unanticipated new development, they will praise their second marriage commemoration on December 15, 2022. Several has two kids together, children Isaiah and Keena Tota.

Isaiah Tota was born on January 20, 2020, only a couple of days more than eleven months before his folks’ wedding. His brother, Keena, was likewise considered outside of a stable family structure and at last showed up on April 23, 2021. Isaiah is presently 3 years of age while his brother Keena is 1 years of age.

Christina Milian was Recently Hitched to The-Fantasy At a certain point in her life, Christina Milian was known as Christina Flores-Nash, a name she basically bore because of her union with American vocalist, lyricist, and record maker Terius Hagert Youngdell Nash, famously known as and tended to by his stage name The-Fantasy. Christina Milian and The Fantasy secured the bunch on September 4, 2009.

The previous couple purportedly began dating in February 2009 yet disclosed their relationship in Spring of that very year. Not long later, the couple reported that they were getting hitched. A commitment was reported in June 2009 in Las Vegas, and a wedding at the Little White Church, Las Vegas, Nevada, followed on September 4, 2009.


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A more ordinary wedding service was facilitated in Rome, Italy, before the couple recharged their commitments in the US before their loved ones. Christina Milian’s Ex is a Record Maker As recently expressed, The Fantasy was born Terius Youngdell Hegbert Nash on September 20, 1977, in Rockingham, North Carolina. Not much is been aware of the rapper’s dad, however he supposedly moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with his mom when he was only two years of age. after 13 years and matured 15, The Fantasy looked as his mom was covered after her passing in 1992.

Christina’s ex uncovered that his mom’s demise was the impetus and motivation he expected to begin composing tunes, especially melodies that advance the issues and prosperity of ladies. The Fantasy likewise credits his granddad, who he moved in with after the demise of his mom, for being a positive impact on his life.

He has consistently had an interest in music, right from his primary school days when he figured out how to play the trumpet, drums, and guitar. That establishment has prompted seven studio collections and all-around progress in the field of music. He is a famous lyricist, vocalist, and maker whose impact has been felt in a lot of other specialists’ music, like Rihanna’s Umbrella.


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Christina Milian and The Fantasy Were Hitched For Under a Year Christina Milian’s union with The Fantasy finished in under a year. The Fantasy supposedly petitioned for a separation in Georgia on February 17, 2010, and the previous couple reported their division on July 12, 2010, preceding settling their separation on October 23, 2011.

She considers Violet Nash, the little girl she had with the maker on February 26, 2010, as the main beneficial thing that emerged from her marriage with him. She once talked about the living damnation she encountered while she was hitched to the vocalist. It has likewise been uncovered that Christina Milian’s most memorable marriage finished because of her ex getting physically involved with his right hand.

Christina Milian’s little girl with The Fantasy was her first at the time however the rapper’s fourth, who previously had three children from a past marriage. He presently has nine youngsters from ensuing connections, however his first with Christina is right now 13.