Is Harvey Price Adopted? His Illness, Disability and Health Condition Now

Harvey Price has an uncommon hereditary condition called Prader-Willi disorder. The individual with this uncommon condition faces numerous irregularities in their typical development process.

Harvey’s natural dad, Dwight, has consistently deserted him and has not reached him for quite a long time. At first, Dwight likewise rejected that he was an organic dad of Harvey.

Many have expected Harvey Price is the embraced child of Katie Price, however that isn’t correct; Harvey isn’t taken on. Katie is the natural mother of Harvey; nonetheless, because of Harvey’s irregularities, he appears to be unique from a typical high schooler.

Harvey’s dad is previous Manchester star footballer Dwight Yorke. Harvey was born when Dwight and Katie were seeing someone a brief time frame. In spite of the fact that they finished their connection, Harvey is a string that actually ties them.

Dwight has never recognized Harvey as a child, and the explanation is at this point unclear. Because of this explanation, Harvey has never met his stepbrother from Dwight’s other connection.

Dwight has been drawn nearer by Katie consistently to contact Harvey, however he has disregarded those solicitations up to this point. Along these lines, Harvey was raised by Katie.

Harvey was born in 2002 with halfway visual deficiency and septo-optic dysplasia. Septo-optic dysplasia causes eccentric improvement of his optical nerve.

Again later, he was determined to have Autism and Prader-Willi condition. Prader-Willi disorder is an uncommon sickness that happens to just 15,000 children in the UK. By birth, Harvey had an incapacity.

His incapacity added to being a solitary parent without his dad’s backing, added a big weight to Katie. In any case, Katie has forever been solid and has guaranteed she could give him as agreeable a day to day existence as could be expected.

There is certainly not a particular treatment accessible for Harvey’s sickness, however numerous palliatives are executed to make him more autonomous.


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Harvey Price is getting weight gain in light of the hereditary issue called Prader-Willi condition he is experiencing. This issue make patient put on weight.

Corpulence is one of its belongings. Harvey, recently, additionally attempted to get in shape and had the option to lose two or three stones. His mom, Katie Price, assisted him with weighting misfortune venture.

As indicated by Katie, subsequent to moving to a private school, he acquired 26 stones. He more likely than not been agreeable around there, so he put on weight.

Katie is cheerful and accepts that Harvey has become agreeable subsequent to moving to a private school. Her concerns have turned into somewhat less seeing Harvey cheerful in a private school.