Is James Brolin Related To Josh Brolin? A Look At Their Family Tree And Branches

James Brolin is an American entertainer who did the voice of Lightyear in the film Outer Range. He is the dad of entertainer Josh Brolin.

Brolin is a notable entertainer whose work has been found in films like Traffic, The Amityville Horror, Westworld, and Capricorn One. He was the voice of Zurg in the film Lightyear, which came out in the relatively recent past.

Is James Brolin Related To Josh Brolin? Josh Brolin is an entertainer, and James is his dad. Josh was born to James Borlin and Jane Cameron Agee, who raised him well, in Santa Monica, California, in the United States. On February 12, 1968, he was born. The entertainer is 54 years of age at this moment. He additionally is by all accounts 1.78 m tall.

In 1988, the entertainer wedded Alice Adair. Following six years, they separated. In 2004, in the wake of dating for a very long time, the entertainer wedded Diane Lane. Be that as it may, they were just hitched for a couple of years, and in 2013 they got a separation. Josh met his first love, Kathryn Boyd Broiling, in 2016 and got hitched.

The couple likewise got hitched and had a cheerful marriage bond. Josh has likewise been given four kids. The American entertainer has four children: Eden, Trevor, Westlyn Reign, and Chapel Grace.


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Josh has likewise been raised to regard his folks. His mom attempted to safeguard untamed life. From the time he was youthful, he admired how his dad made ends meet. He experienced childhood in Templeton, California, under the consideration of his father. Yet, when he was just 16, his folks split up.

Josh might be notable since he is the child of the incredible entertainer James. In 1985, he started out as an entertainer. He has kept up the privately-owned company by working in the amusement business.

James Brolin Father, Son, And Family Explored? Josh Borlin is a notable entertainer, and James is his dad. Additionally, James was born in the United States city of Los Angeles to Henry and Helen Sue Bruderlin, who cherished him without question. Craig Kenneth Bruderlin was born on July 18, 1940, and that is his genuine name.

The entertainer is 81 years of age at the present time. Josh, Jess, and Molly Elizabeth Brolin are his youngsters. Likewise, in 1966, he wedded Josh’s mom and carried her into the Borlin family. Jane is the entertainer’s most memorable spouse. Afterward, he wedded Jan Smithers.


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Right now, Barbra Streisand is their better half James’ significant other. Likewise, his child Josh had given him four grandkids. James grew up with two brothers and two sisters in a family. His dad was a manufacturer, and his mom remained at home to deal with him.

However, the entertainer was keen on an unexpected work in comparison to his folks. In his adolescents, James is exceptionally keen on creatures and model planes. At age 10, he started assembling. After he went gaga for the American entertainer James Dean, he began making 8mm movies. Before they tested, his dad asked a chief for a supper greeting. His father asked his cohort, who was the entertainer Ryan O’Neal, to call him for a projecting organization.

James Brolin And Josh Brolin’s Net Worth Difference? Considering how different the entertainers’ positions are, James, Josh’s dad, may have a higher total assets. Different sources say that James’ total assets is about $50 million, while Josh’s is about $45 million. James has been occupied with representing over 62 years. His child has worked in similar field for quite a long time.


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James appears to have learned more than his child Josh in light of the time contrast and work. James’ profession started in 1961. He showed up on TV in the show Bus Stop. He has likewise dealt with seven shows as a maker or chief.

Josh started out as an entertainer in 1985. He has coordinated two motion pictures: Josh Brolin’s Unauthorized Behind the Scenes of No Country for Old Men and X. He likewise thought of the thought for the TV show The Josh Brolin Project.