Is Jarrad Nathan mentally ill? Fox13 shooting suspect’s possible motive shared by friend


Nathan Jarrad has been charged for taking pictures into Memphis’ FOX13 station.
Jarrad is presently in police custody
Jarrad has struggled with intellectual health issues on account that he became 13 years antique

On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at approximately 11:30 a.M., a shot turned into fired on the FOX13 station in Memphis. The shell casing was discharged from an AR-style rifle and landed outside the lobby’s front door. Jarrad Nathan has already been identified as the suspect. Jarrad is 26 and under police custody.

Nathan changed into recognized because the taking pictures suspect with the aid of police on Tuesday night time, and he turned into charged with irritated attack and reckless endangerment.

Nathan allegedly fired the shot into the station earlier than fleeing to Ubee’s and barricading himself. He broadcast a Facebook Live video from inside the eatery.

As in keeping with Nathan’s mother, the 26-year-vintage had mental fitness troubles Eileen Saki: Cause of death, age, husband Bob Borgen, profession, internet well worth and greater

Was Jarrad Nathan mentally sick? His issues commenced while he turned into young, and he finally hung out on the Lakeside mental clinic.

“I don’t assume mental fitness started at this, I suppose the mental fitness started at thirteen, 14 years antique. I assume it started then. Like I stated, it has now not been an clean street as a parent to address my son,” Nathan’s mother stated.

Friends of the suspect claimed that during the previous yr, his situation had gotten worse.
Outside of 201 Poplar, a lady who asked best to be diagnosed as Anne spoke with FOX13.
She had come to look if Nathan was receiving a mental fitness assessment while being processed.

Before he engaged in a standoff with police at Ubee’s, she claimed she acquired a call from him straight away following his taking pictures into the station.

“I simply shot on the news station. I simply shot on the news station. I simply shot as soon as, come get my gun,” he advised Anne.

Anne claimed that she had recognized the suspect for a long term.

She claimed that in the course of the preceding year, he were shot, run over with the aid of a car, and in particular deeply struck by using Tyre Nichols’ passing, all even as experiencing homelessness and couch-browsing to make ends meet.

She thinks he visited the station to research greater about the Nichols case, which changed into the topic in their previous verbal exchange.

“He turned into speakme approximately that lots this weekend. He became talking approximately how he concept y’all had greater photos,” Anne added.

Nathan, according to Anne, kept inviting visitors of his Facebook Live broadcast to meet him on the station and inspiring them to do the equal.

She thinks he planned to arrange a protest.

Nathan’s mother additionally stated – “I need the viewers to realize that he’s now not a horrific person at all. He is one of the nicest and kindest you may meet. Everybody has every other aspect to them. I assume my son is crying out for attention due to the fact he wishes a few assist. Anybody who could come to the information place and shoot at anyone, that could be a cry for help.”