Is Josh Seiter alive? Bachelorette contestant ‘pulls a Lil Tay’ after death announcement

A now-erased present implying on be from Seiter’s family was presented on his Instagram Monday declaring his demise
Taking to his page with a video on Tuesday, the star, 36, said: ‘Hello folks, as may be obvious, I’m fit as a fiddle, my record was hacked”
Seiter had been seen on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s time of the ABC series in 2015

The Lone wolfess’ Josh Seiter has uncovered he is ‘fit as a fiddle’ – a day after an explanation declaring his demise was presented on his Instagram.

Taking to his page with a video on Tuesday, the star, 36, said: ‘Hello folks, as may be obvious, I’m fit as a fiddle, my record was hacked, throughout the previous 24 hours I have been attempting frantically to get into it.

‘Someone was playing a brutal joke, ridiculing my psychological maladjustment and the battles I’ve proceeded with sadness and self destruction endeavors, Please accept my apologies for all the aggravation they caused when they made that post.

‘I just got once more into my record, I will give my very best for my group to attempt to recognize who is behind this. I am sorry again for the disarray and I will refresh you all when more facts come in.’

The misleading assertion was posted on Seiter’s Instagram on Monday and professed to be from his family – it read: ‘It is with a very weighty heart that we share the awful fresh insight about Joshua’s startling passing. As all who realized him can confirm, Joshua was a staggeringly splendid light in an undeniably faint world.’

It added that ‘his brave voice and dauntless soul assisted a huge number of individuals in their most obscure minutes with feeling somewhat less alone.

In 2015, Seiter was on the ABC series with Kaitlyn Bristowe as the primary person, but she was terminated during the main episode.

On August 14, 1987, Seiter was born in Chicago, Illinois.

He moved on from the College of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a four year certification prior to going to Chicago-Kent School of Regulation to gain his regulation degree.

Seiter had been unguarded with his 456K Instagram devotees about managing psychological wellness concerns.

His last post on Thursday read, “Getting through misery and tension each day in turn happily.”

In a July 2021 post he had stuck at the highest point of his page, Seiter composed, ‘I’m Josh Seiter, and I’m a self destruction endeavor survivor. I fight OCD, Bipolar Gloom, and Stray (summed up nervousness jumble), however I won’t surrender. What did you make due?’

Seiter was reflective in a July 22 post on the web-based entertainment webpage in which he said that he’d struggled ‘sensations of uselessness consistently,’ meticulously describing the issues that grieved him.

‘A portion of my biggest weaknesses spin around acquiring the endorsement of others,’ he said. ‘On a fundamental level I am an accommodating person. I’m continually attempting to win the endorsement of others.’

He estimated about the underlying drivers of why he felt the manner in which he did, referring to his childhood and self-teaching, noticing he ‘didn’t have many companions’ growing up.

He said: ‘The “Why?” doesn’t make any difference to such an extent as the “How?” How can we go to quit molding our self-esteem on the acknowledgment of others?’

‘The response to that question just came after I was transparent with the world about my psychological wellness battles. It improves.’

Two days sooner, Seiter had written a sort and elevating message to individuals battling with their psychological well-being.

‘I need to tell anybody out there battling right now that I’m pleased with you. I’m pleased with you for putting on your socks,’ he composed. ‘I’m glad for you for tying your shoes. I’m glad for you for escaping the house when it seems like an unconquerable undertaking in a Sisyphean battle that has no closure.

‘I believe you should realize it improves. I know since I’ve been there. I believe you should realize that you matter. Your life matters.’

The Lil Tay connect

After a post on her authority confirmed Instagram account guaranteed that both she and her brother Jason Tian had ‘startlingly’ died, powerhouse and rapper Lil Tay has expressed that she is as yet alive.

The questionable web-based VIP, 14, has now ventured out to discredit reports that she and her kin had died, saying that her Instagram account was “hacked” when she originally acquired reputation at nine years old in the wake of showing up in a line of hostile rap-style recordings.

Force to be reckoned with and rapper Lil Tay uncovered recently that she is as yet alive following a post on her authority checked Instagram account that guaranteed both she and her brother Jason Tian had ‘startlingly’ died.

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