Is Lisa Robertson Married? How Much Is She Worth and What Is She Doing Now?

Despite the fact that Lisa Robertson is presently unmarried, she isn’t single. She is involved with a wellness mentor named Eric McGee.

Since leaving QVC Television station, she has zeroed in on developing her gems image, G.I.L.I, and her total assets is assessed at $5 million. One thing that can never be disregarded Lisa Robertson is the way that she worked with QVC telecom company for such countless years. Until this point in time, certain individuals think she actually works with the organization or is related with them somehow or another. Be that as it may, Robertson has offered her last farewells to the organization and has continued on toward one more side of life.

Lisa born on November 7, 1965, in Hamilton District Tennesse was a famous moderator on QVC broadcasting company and left a great deal of permanent marks there. Despite the fact that she studied Long haul Wellbeing Organization in school, Robertson appears to be not to rehearse right now. However at that point just the previous television host can express something about that.

A many individuals need to realize what has befallen Lisa since her QVC exit. It is somewhat lamentable for her fans that she doesn’t inform a lot regarding her confidential life via virtual entertainment. Therefore questions have been gotten some information about her own life, late undertakings, etc. On the region of her own life, we would attempt to address this inquiry:

Who Is Lisa Robertson’s Better half? The inquiry ought to rather be; does Lisa Robertson have a spouse?. It won’t be inappropriate to say that this question is normal, remembering her age, cultural assumptions, and whatnots. However, one thing we can guarantee you is that Robertson is a blissful free lady.

What’s more, contingent upon the manner in which you take a gander at it, she is certainly not a solitary lady. She is dating a wellness coach named Eric McGee.

Two or three has been going out for certain years now and has left their fans needing more with their remarkable relationship.

You can decide to raise your temples to the way that Robertson is eleven years more seasoned than her man, however reality stays that they are really cheerful.

Eric’s strong point is in wellness; he is a laid out wellness mentor. What’s more, for those asking, we, similar to her fans are trusting that McGee turns into Lisa’s better half sooner than later.

What Is Her Total assets And How Could She Procure It? Lisa Robertson has accomplished such a lot of monetarily throughout the long term.

Almost certainly, many would believe that the media character actually relies upon her QVC helps even as she has left the family, however Lisa has continued on toward different things.

She is a way of life brand maker and furthermore an inside decorator. Every one of these add to her advantageous monetary status. The previous QVC moderator has her total assets assessed at $5 million. We can’t discuss Lisa’s total assets without inferring that she was procuring a normal of $1 million a year as her compensation during her time at the Television station.

What Has Lisa Been Doing Of late? Life at QVC was all tomfoolery and fascinating for Lisa yet as prior referenced, she has continued on toward different things.

Evidently Lisa has an energy for gems plans. Very few knew this yet it started to completely appear after the previous moderator left the organization.

She had sent off a gems line G.I.L.I back in 2012 however not a lot was had some significant awareness of it.

After her exit from the organization, Lisa has completely popularized her image and furthermore claims a site where she sells and promotes her plans.

Lisa Robertson has additionally spread her wings to different regions like Christmas embellishments, shoes, satchels, and so on.

Individuals who follow her on Instagram probably seen the extremely novel style she shows on the stage. Lisa’s adornments business has taken her to such countless nations; Robertson has obviously ventured out to north of 15 nations over her work, and she feels free to with her fans via virtual entertainment the wonderful things she finds.

One of the nations she has made a trip to the most is Paris, France. She generally goes there to chip away at and foster her plans. Doing a completely unique thing might appear as though a test which Lisa concedes, however at that point it has offered her the chance to encounter one more side of life. Its most fascinating piece is that she is living life to the fullest.

Different Realities to Be aware of Lisa Robertson Why She Left QVC Robertson left QVC in 2014 after an effective and motivating 20 years with the organization.

She was a moderator on the organization and was very well known for her excellence, carriage, elegance, balance, and so on.

In any case, following 20 years with the organization, Lisa concluded the time had come to work for herself as well as evaluate new things.

She Was Into Excellence Pomp Nobody looks hard and long at Lisa Robertson without feeling that she should be a glamorous lady.

Without a doubt she was into display in her more youthful days and won Miss Tennessee crown in the 1989 Miss America expo. In 1990 she won the US Pearl Princess crown.

Different Awards Robertson’s exit from QVC in 2014 accompanied a ton of acknowledgment and honors. She was given the Philadelphia lady qualification grant that year and was likewise remembered for Philadelphia’s most influential ladies that year as well.