Is Nova Rockafeller Related To The Rockefellers? Family Tree of The Canadian Rapper

Nova Rockafeller is a Canadian vocalist, lyricist, and rapper who isn’t connected with the Rockefellers. Nova Rockafeller entered the universe of music in 2009 and, from that point forward, has turned into a basic piece of the music business. She is particularly into rapping and does music video altering also. Nova has laid down a good foundation for herself as an extraordinary craftsman in the music business and fills in as an independent craftsman under the name Def Jam.

The Canadian rapper’s genuine name is Nova Leigh Paholek. Notwithstanding, she is also called Nova Rockafeller expertly. Nova was born on 22 July 1988 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In spite of the fact that she was born in Canada, she was brought up in Jamaica. She moved to Jamaica at age three and spent her life as a youngster there until she was 14.

In the wake of moving to Jamaica with her entire family, her folks began their water sports business and settled down pleasantly. Afterward, as time passed by, she lived momentarily in Toronto and New York yet came to Canada once more.


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As a youngster, she exited secondary school and started rapping during a troublesome time of her life, split between dozing at the Edmonton Youth Crisis Safe house and residing in a progression of gathering homes.

She battled a ton during her underlying beginning as a craftsman, however her vocation scaled a piece higher after the arrival of her presentation collection, Deficient Assets, in 2011.

Is Nova Rockafeller Connected with The Rockefellers? Nova Rockafeller isn’t connected with The Rockefellers assuming that we take a gander at the family ancestry or the genealogical record diagram.

Nova Rockafeller otherwise known as Nova Leigh Paholek’s folks are Terry Paholek and Remco Zirkze. Her genuine last name isn’t Rockafeller and it’s simply her stage name.

The Rockefeller family is an American modern, banking, and political family thamost significantone of the world’s biggest riches. The fortune was made in the American Petrol Industry in the late nineteenth and mid twentieth hundreds of years by brothers John D. Rockefeller and William A. Rockefeller Jr. The family began a long time back in 1723 from Philidelphia and has been proceeding with the bloodline from that point forward.

Discussing the connection between Nova Rockafeller and The Rockefeller family, there is no such connection between them. Nova Rockafeller is only the stage name of Nova Leigh Paholek. We can likewise affirm that The Rockefeller family has establishes in New York and Philidelphia, though Nova is from Canada and experienced childhood in Jamaica.

The Rockefeller family is a huge family with top business head honchos who are right now governing the world economy and are likewise engaged with political power. In any case, investigating Nova’s life, she has a place with a working class family who possesses a little privately-owned company water sports.

Nova Rockafeller’s Sweetheart Nova Rockafeller is dating one of the top Canadian rappers, Tom MacDonald.


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Nova is a Canadian rapper who is in a caring relationship with her ongoing sweetheart, rapper Tom MacDonald. Her sweetheart has a place with a similar club, which assisted them with clicking with one another first. The rapper pair has been dating each other starting around 2017.

Together, they began their band GFBF and started composing music to be delivered. At the point when Macdonald composed ‘Dear Rappers’ and became popular, Rockafeller upheld him a ton and showed various motions to energize him more.

In addition, she likewise shot and coordinated all of his music recordings after 2017, made his site, co-composed snares, and assisted him with exploring the music business away from the entanglements she encountered.


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Nova Rockafeller (@novarockafeller)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Her beau is one of the notable appearances in the music business and is companions with other popular rappers like Drake, Lil Wayne, G herbo, and some more.

Nova Rockafeller Total assets 2022 Nova Rockafeller is one of the top-recorded Canadian rappers with a complete total assets of $3 million.

Nova has been in the music business for quite a while. She has given jewels to the audience, which has helped her benefit monstrous media consideration. As per CelebrityNetworth, she has collected a lot of total assets of $3 million from her vocation as a lyricist, vocalist, rapper, and music video proofreader.

The rapper has become wildly successful in her profession of over 10 years in the music business. She has advanced as a craftsman from the outset of her melodic vocation and has come this far in her life.