Is Ortencia Alcantara A Nurse? Atlanta Woman Who Spent The Night With Kevin Before His Death

As per an Atlanta police report, officials showed up on the scene and saw firemen endeavoring CPR on a lethargic person of color.

Officials met Ms. Ortencia Alcantara, who recognized the person as Mr. Kevin Samuels, as indicated by the police division report.

Was The Woman That Spent The Night With Kevin Samuels A Nurse? At the point when Kevin Samuels griped of chest inconvenience promptly in the first part of the day, the one who had been living it up with him the prior night was totally damaged, and as a medical attendant, she attempted to help however wound up calling 911 for help.

Ms. Alcantara expressed that she met Mr. Samuels yesterday night, went to his home, and remained with him throughout the evening.

As indicated by the police report, Ms. Alcantara additionally expressed that since she is a medical caretaker, she asked 911 to contact the front work area to recover a defibrillator to keep Mr. Samuels alive until Grady came.

Kevin Samuels was shipped off Piedmont Hospital after that.

Who Is Ortencia Alcantara? Ortencia Alcantara is an Atlanta local and a prepared medical attendant. She is a single parent without any youngsters.

Notwithstanding, there is no data on her on the web, however she might turn into a famous issue for some time after the Kevin Samuels occasion.

She might be found on Instagram under the username @ortencia Alcantara, however she presently has no posts or stories, and she has additionally made her record private following the occurrence.

Explanation for Kevin Samuel’s Death Confirmed Beverly Samuels-Burch, Kevin Samuel’s mom, affirmed his demise to NBC News however would not carefully describe what happened. She guaranteed she looked into her child’s demise via online entertainment.

Melanie King, a dear companion of self-depicted master Samuels, had recently uncovered that she had acquired family affirmation that the Modern Women designer had died.

J. Figuereo, a Georgia cop, has shouted out about how he answered a call to the condo where Kevin Samuels was residing. It was a call about a harmed individual, as per the official.