Is Ray Lewis Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? 6 Kids

Beam Lewis is a prestigious American previous expert football player generally perceived as the Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker for his 17-year Public Football Association (NFL) profession. He is a double cross Super Bowl champion, where he won in 2000 and 2012.

Peruse this article beneath and find out about American previous expert linebacker Beam Lewis’ better half, life, current dating status, past connections, and children. Beam Lewis’ Relationship The previous football player doesn’t have an ongoing heartfelt connection with anybody and isn’t yet hitched to a spouse. He is a solitary man trusting that somebody will become Beam Lewis’ better half.

Since he resigned from his expert football vocation in 2013, he has kept his adoration illicit relationships calm from the media. There have been no clues or posts about him that shows he is involved with a spouse or a sweetheart. Regardless of having dated a few ladies, he has not clicked with anybody enough that none of it had prompted marriage.Beam Lewis’ Dating History As may be obvious, he has dated four ladies in the past whom he all had youngsters.

Tatyana McCall He met Tatyana when they were understudies at the College of Miami in the mid 1990s and were here and there accomplices. In 1995, they had their most memorable youngster, and hence, they had two additional kids later before long. They were locked in, however tragically, their relationship had separated prior to getting hitched. While she was expecting their second success in 1997, he had petitioned for kid support and had prosecuted him. In 1998, he had consented to a $3,800 month to month kid support for his two youngsters, and they had joint legitimate guardianship of their youngsters.Kimberlie Arnold Like Tatyana, Kimberlie met him at the College of Miami. She met him in brain research class and had dated him for close to nine months since September of 1994.

She had a quarrel with Tatyana in the grounds parking garage when she was four months pregnant. Arnold asserted that the football player was not the dad of her youngster at that point. Might she at any point be Beam Lewis’ significant other?

Kimberlie had quit dating him after a call from Tatyana in the wake of being informed that they were locked in and that she was the mother of his two youngsters. Sharnika Kelly He dated her during the 1990s, which in the end prompted a separation; he consented to a youngster support arrangement for their child in 2001. Be that as it may, in 2012, she went to court to excuse their comprehension and mentioned a higher measure of cash he gives each month as he had not completely unveiled his pay. She ventured to select a criminological specialist to really look at his cash circumstance. Towana Denise Poe He was involved with Towana around 1997, however it was fleeting. In 1998, she documented a paternity suit against him and later consented to a $2,700 regularly scheduled installment and $29,700 in bank installments as she had full guardianship of their kid.

He was supposed to have dated Juliana Childress in 2012 and that they even got hitched in 2013. Furthermore, he was accounted for to date business visionary Nausicaa after he was seen in her craft display in 2021.

Be that as it may, the two expressed bits of hearsay are false as they have next to zero premise and scarcely proof.

Beam Lewis’ Life story He was born Raymond Anthony Jackson on the fifteenth day of May 1975 in Bartow, Florida, to his mom, Sunseria Keith, and his dad, Sunseria Keith: he is 46 years of age. He is the oldest youngster among his five kin. He went to Kathleen Secondary School in Lakeland, Florida, before he went to the College of Miami, where Beam ended in his last year as he had entered the 1995 NFL Draft. In 2004, he at long last acquired his certificate in Expressions and Sciences at the College of Maryland College School.

Beam Lewis’ Children The previous NFL star has six youngsters, four young men, and two young ladies. Beam Lewis III He is the football linebacker’s firstborn with Tatyana McCall. He was born on the fourth day of June 1995, and he is 26 years of age.

Rayshad Lewis He is Beam’s second kid with Tatyana, born on the seventeenth day of February 1998, and he is 24 years of age. Rahsaan Lewis Rahsaan is the most youthful youngster with Tatyana, born on the eleventh day of August 2000, and he is 20 years of age. Ralin Lewis He is the most youthful offspring of Beam in his kids in general. His mom gave him birth in 2001. Kaitlin Lewis She is his little girl with Kimberlie and was born in 1996. Diaymon Desiree Lewis She is his little girl with Towana, born on the 23rd day of August 1998, and she is 23 years of age.