Is Rey Related To Palpatine? Who Are Rey Skywalker’s Parents?

To regard their recollections, Rey embraced the name “Skywalker,” dismissing her own Palpatine legacy.

She initially appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as one of the principal characters.

Daisy Ridley depicts Rey Palpatine, an imaginary person in the Star Wars universe. She is the focal person of the Star Wars spin-off set of three.

Notwithstanding, her starting point was hazy in the past two movies and her last name was left well enough alone by J. J. Abrams.

Rey Skywalker Parents: How Is He Related To Palpatine? Dathan and Miramar are Rey’s natural guardians. . Dathan is her dad’s name, which is altogether better compared to Sheev Palpatine.

Rey is actually Emperor Palpatine’s granddaughter. There’s an explanation Rey is so strong and solid. This Jedi found something surprising about herself in the most recent piece of the Star Wars continuation set of three: she’s Palpatine’s grandkid.

Also, Rey’s folks had to disguise their young little girl on Jakku to safeguard her from Emperor Palpatine.

Afterward, it was observed that her dad was a defective clone of the Sith Lord with no association with the Force and the film never gave these characters real Star Wars names.

Rey Skywalker’s Reddit Theories Rey is Anakin reborn, as per quite possibly of the most peculiar hypothesis.

Rey is Anakin’s soul resurrected. It makes sense of why she has such a characteristic proclivity for the Force, is an incredible pilot (like Anakin), and sees Force dreams (once more, as Anakin).

This hypothesis is a piece outrageous. Nonetheless, numerous people are entranced by the idea in view of its uniqueness.

Rey Skywalker Star Wars Character Wiki The hero of the Star Wars spin-off set of three is Rey (later named Rey Skywalker). Rey is a solitary scrounger who becomes entrapped in the Resistance-First Order struggle.

On her main goal to find the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker, to safeguard the universe, she finds her true capacity as a Force-client.

All through her excursion, she lays out a personal and complex relationship with Kylo Ren, the key bad guy, and child of Princess Leia and Han Solo (who’s genuine name is Ben Solo).

Regardless of being foes, Rey and Kylo Ren continuously fall head over heels, and he is therefore uncovered to have framed a Force dyad with her.

Rey assists Kylo Ren with getting back to the light by putting her own life in extreme danger to recuperate and save him from his deadly injuries, and his adoration for herself as well as his folks drives him to return to his previous way of life as Ben Solo.

She is likewise uncovered to be Emperor Sheev Palpatine’s grandkid. She in this way picked the name “Skywalker” to respect individuals she remembers to be her actual family.