Is Ryan Seacrest Gay and Does He Have a Wife or Girlfriend?

-Ryan Seacrest isn’t gay yet straight as he has dated a few ladies throughout the long term.

Despite the fact that his sexuality has been addressed over and over, he has put forth little attempt to explain the subject of him being gay, thus fuelling the possibility that he may be gay.

Ryan Seacrest has been involved with model Aubrey Paige Petcosky following his split from Shayna Taylor. He has likewise been involved with Larissa Schot (2019), Hilary Cruz (2015), Shayna Terese Taylor (2013 – 2019), Dominique Piek (2013), Julianne Hough (2010 – 2013), Jasmine Three step dance (2009), Sophie Priest (2008), Tara Conner (2008), Holly Huddleston (2008), Sheryl Crow (2006), Debbie Gibson (2003), Shana Wall (2003 – 2005), Erica Lancellotti (2002 – 2003) and Tiffani Thiessen.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay? Ryan Seacrest’s sexuality has frequently been addressed by fans, maybe, this is because of how he takes such a lot of care of his looks or his exchange with Simon Cowell, an American Icon judge. Cowell would constantly allude to Ryan Seacrest as “Darling.” recommending that he “ought to be aware” whether a contender’s high heels were in vogue, he even told Seacrest to “emerge.” Starting from the beginning of his calling, bits of gossip have been zooming around that Seacrest is gay yet it’s just false.

Is Ryan Seacrest Hitched? Ryan, who has dated a few exes for expanded periods, has never been hitched. Regardless of his appreciation for the organization of marriage, he has been straightforward about his hesitance to marry. During a meeting with Kelly Ripa on Live!, Ryan uncovered that he has an individual conviction that has deflected him from getting hitched.

As Ryan made sense of, “I love the thought [of getting married]… I realize you will request me from marriage on the grounds that my folks have been hitched for a considerable length of time, thus I have this thing.” He proceeded, “I figure the more I stand by, the more seasoned I’ll be, the nearer to death I am, so I can get it in, and not screw it up.”

While Ryan has stayed immovable in his perspectives on marriage throughout the long term, he indicated a potential shift during a Live! interview in August 2022. At the point when gotten some information about settling down, he answered, “I’m cheerful. I’m blissful right now,” prior to adding, “I think having children with flawless timing would be perfect.”

Apparently Ryan’s ongoing relationship might have roused him to think about beginning a family, in spite of his past doubts about marriage.

In this way, basically, Ryan Seacrest isn’t hitched, not gay, and has various lady friends to demonstrate it. Meet them

A Course of events of Ryan Seacrest’s Sweethearts and Connections Many would expect a man with such gigantic accomplishment as Ryan Seacrest to be a family man.

That is not the situation. All things considered, he has dated a few ladies since he became renowned. The following is a rundown of the multitude of ladies he has been with.

Ryan Seacrest and Erica Lancellotti (2002 – 2003) As prior referenced, Ryan Seacrest came to far and wide media consideration in 2002 subsequent to turning into a co-host of American Symbol.

During this time, Ryan agreed with to his stance a Bar Treats business person called Erica Lancellotti.

The two dated for about a year during which Erica disclosed a couple of appearances, remembering a meeting for Howard Harsh’s public broadcast.

Ryan Seacrest and Shana Wall (2003 – 2005) In the wake of heading out in different directions from Lancelloti, Seacrest found another darling, an American TV entertainer cum model called Shana Wall. Shana is famous for partaking in the 2001 CBS reality rivalry series, The Astonishing Race. Seacrest and Wall dated for around two years prior to heading out in a different direction.

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough (2010 – 2013) April 2010 saw Ryan Seacrest start his relationship with Julianne Hough.

They were really difficult and it was believed that they would become soul mates. This didn’t occur as news broke in Walk 2013 that they have headed out in different directions.

A few sources faulted their bustling timetables as the justification behind the split. Albeit not a single one of them affirmed this, it was obvious that they isolated genially.

At the point when Hough wedded Streams Laich in 2017, Ryan sent a celebratory message to the couple. Dominique Piek and Different Ladies He Momentarily Dated Following his separation with Hough, Ryan Seacrest momentarily found comfort in a Games Showed Bathing suit model called Dominique Piek. The pair dated for pretty much five months before things got together.

In 2006, Ryan momentarily dated American artist Sheryl Crow. That very year, he had a hurl with Frantic Housewives star, Teri Hatcher. The couple just had a couple of dates before Ryan canceled it. He momentarily dated another artist named Sophie Priest in 2008. Subsequent to parting from Priest, Seacrest had his experience with Playboy Close friend, Sara Jean Underwood.

That is not every one of the, two months in 2009 saw Ryan date a barkeep named Jasmine Three step dance.

Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor (2013 – 2014) After Dominique Piek came Shayna Terese Taylor; a culinary expert, health mentor, and previous model. Not long in the wake of meeting through a few shared companions in Los Angeles, Ryan Seacrest disclosed his most memorable appearance with Shayna in November 2013 during a get-away in Uruguay.

Ryan and Shayna at first got their relationship far from the media yet that wouldn’t endure as they before long started traveling together and getting comfortable openly.


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Nevertheless, what happened to Seacrest’s past connections came upon his sentiment with Taylor. The couple separated before 2014 passed.

Ryan Seacrest and Renee Lobby (2015 – 2016) He purportedly met the model at his 40th birthday celebration slam in Napa Valley, California, yet the couple was first seen together in Walk 2015 when Ryan took Renee to see a workmanship exhibition in New York City.

Something unconventional about Renee among every one of the ladies Ryan had dated was the way that she is a single parent. She has a charming child called Levi with her ex Zachary. Barely might anybody at any point determine what has been going on with this relationship. Starting around 2016, they were clearly at this point not together.

Who Is Ryan Seacrest Dating Now? Ryan Seacrest and Shana Taylor reignited their adoration at some point in 2016. The pair showed up and Shana even needed to move to New York in 2017 to accompany Ryan. 2019 came and it arose that they had separated once more, just to accommodate in September of that very year. On 2020’s Valentine’s Day, Shana posted a heartfelt photograph of herself and Ryan, with an inscription that recommends they mean to take their relationship to a lifetime level. Notwithstanding, that wasn’t intended to be as they separated once more

Aubrey Paige Petcosky is Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfrend At some point around June 2021, bits of gossip began making adjusts that Ryan was dating a powerhouse named Aubrey Paige Petcosky. Paige is a powerhouse with around 50,000 devotees on Instagram, however like numerous other elite powerhouses, her record is private. Up until this point, Ryan has not affirmed regardless of whether he is presently seeing someone, both have been found in open a few times from that point forward and are accepted to be together.