Is Smail Tulja Dead Or Still Alive? Find Out Mary Beal Killer Whereabouts In 2022


Smail Tulja is a sentenced criminal. He was sentenced in a Montenegro court, in July 2010, for the 1990 homicide of Mary Beal in New York City. The casualty disappeared on September 15, 1990, and was observed three weeks after the fact in two trash containers. It was accounted for that she had been beheaded and eviscerated.

He was then captured in his home in the little Balkan nation’s capital, Podgorica, on a government capture warrant got by the FBI and sent to Interpol specialists. Later it was uncovered that the suspect and the casualty started dating getting into an argument about cash.

Beforehand, he had met her during an appearance in a town hall when she was a translator. Following Beal’s killing, analysts found bloodstains in Tulja’s Bronx loft, yet he escaped the country.

Where Could Smail Tulja Now be? Mary Beal Murder: Is He Dead Or Alive? Individuals have been contemplating whether Mary Beal’s killer Smail Tulja is in any condition.

He was secured in the colder time of year of 2009 in the Balkan nation of Montenegro. He stood preliminary in Europe for the Beal murder and different cases as Montenegro didn’t remove its residents.

Aside from Beal, he was additionally accused of killing his better half, who disappeared in Albania quite a long while before 2009. He was at last indicted for the Beal murder and condemned to 12 years in a Montenegrin jail. Be that as it may, as per the source, Tulja died in the slammer in 2012. Smail Tulja Age Smail Tulja’s age was 67 years of age when he was captured in 2009.

Purportedly, he was born Smajo Džurlić; in 1940 or 1941 in Plav, Montenegro, Yugoslavia. Notwithstanding, he changed his name to Tulja after escaping the U.S., with his third spouse, following Mary Beal’s homicide. Smail Tulja Family Smail Tulja’s family is out of the spotlight.

Not much is been aware of them. Apparently he decided to keep his family subtleties hidden for reasons unknown. What number of more ladies did Tulja kill? It is theorized that Tulja might have killed no less than eight ladies altogether.

Furthermore, Montenegrin specialists, alongside American police authorities, associated him with a few killings in the United States, Belgium, Albania, and Montenegro. Nonetheless, it is accounted for that Belgian and Albanian police have not made any indisputable associations with those murders.