Is Sofia Wylie Korean? Her Ethnicity And Parents Chris And Amy Wylie

Sofia Wylie Korean is a subject important to the majority of her fans. Individuals are anxious to find out about her folks and nationality.

Sofia Christine Wylie is an American Entertainer, vocalist, and artist. Prior to turning out to be notable for playing Buffy Driscoll on the Disney Station parody show Andi Mack, she started her profession as an artist (2017-2019).

Wylie has continued to work with Disney; she plays Cory Bailey in the 2019 film Back of the Net, Riri Williams in the Wonder Rising enlivened series, Mia Creeks in the 2019 web series Shook, and Gina Doorman in the Disney+ spoof Secondary School Melodic: The Melodic: The Series (2019-).

Also, she should be visible in the Netflix dream film The School for Good and Wickedness (2022).

Sofia Wylie, an American Entertainer, vocalist, and artist, performs around the world. Sofia Wylie has a fourth of Korean parentage on her Dad’s side. Her mom is an English-German cross breed.

Wylie began her profession as an artist, showing up on So You Want to Move in 2011 and 2016 and America Has Ability in 2015 and 2016.

She performed on Justin Bieber’s Motivation World Visit. In 2017, while shooting Andi Mack, she began the web-based 4K Dance Series with artists from Utah. In 2019, she sent off the IGTV moving instructional exercise program Hitting the dance floor with Sofia Wylie.

Wylie’s first significant acting part would be as Buffy Driscoll, the principal and quite possibly of Andi’s closest companion on the Disney Station sitcom Andi Mack, it was declared in 2016.

In the 2019 Australian film Back of the Net, which had its reality debut there in films and was communicated on Disney Station in the U.S., Wylie made her acting presentation as Cory Bailey.

In January 2019, Wylie made her “One next to the other” debut for Wonder Rising: Pursuing Phantoms. She voiced Riri Williams in the Disney XD vivified TV film Wonder Rising: Heart of Iron. She filled the role again for Insect Man season 3 and Wonder Rising: Clash of the Groups.

In the Disney+ series Secondary School Melodic: The Melodic: The Series, which debuted in November and was accessible beginning on February 15, 2019, Wylie depicted Gina Watchman.

Wylie was uncovered as Mia in the short-structure web series Shook in August. Shook will make a big appearance on Disney Stage’s YouTube station in September.

Wylie, who sent off the creation Organization AIFOS in Walk 2019, optioned the privileges to adjust Jenny Torres Sanchez’s book The Fall of Guiltlessness for the Organization’s most memorable task. In June 2019, Wylie Joined Ability Office.

Wylie will co-star with Sophia Anne Caruso in the impending dream film The School for Good and Evil on Netflix, a variation of the Soman Chainani novel series, which was reported in December 2020. In the play, Wylie depicts Agatha.

Both Sofia and her sister are of blended identity. Her dad, Chris, is both African-American and Korean. Her mom, Amy, is of German and English legacy.

Wylie began moving when she was five years of age and studied acting at the Hollywood, California-based Second City Preparing Center.