“It’s like swallowing perfume”: Gordon Ramsay brutally roasts Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime drink in interview

Gordon Ramsay as of late showed up on iHeart Radio and gave his legit decision on the hydration drink sent off by Logan Paul and KSI. It has been a little more than a year since the couple sent off their Superb Hydration Beverages, and keeping in mind that it has turned into a mark of progress for the YouTube stars, the Damnation’s Kitchen star gave a ruthless survey of the beverage and compared it to gulping scent. Ramsay said:

KSI and Logan Paul are seldom seen without the beverages and have even dealt with a marketing bargain as patrons for Head Association monsters Stockpile. The item is well known to the point that many have not had the option to get their hands on it. While the item just expenses £2, affiliates lift the cost to make it exorbitant for the overall population.


Gordon Ramsay showed up on iHeart Radio recently. The most critical meeting second was the point at which he did a trial of the famous caffeinated drink created by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI, Prime Hydration.

While everybody is scrambling for a sample of the beverage, big name culinary specialist Ramsay didn’t feel the promotion was worth the effort. He was offered a container of Tropical Punch to survey, and without skipping a beat, after opening the jug, he took a whiff and had a selection of words to say regarding the smell. He said:

He then remarked on how it tasted areas of strength for so it was fragrance like, and he playfully added that staff individuals would be terminated assuming they at any point served that beverage in his eatery. Gordon Ramsay didn’t stop there. He proceeded:


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“I’ll send it to Nigella [Lawson] to cook her pork ribs in. Might you at any point envision giving that to a French sommelier with his big French conk? No doubt, it resembles the kind of leftovers of a kind of Gino D’Acampo tiramisu.”
To finish it off, when asked what he would rate the beverage on a size of 1-10, without a second thought, the English gourmet specialist, known for his savage remarks, evaluated the beverage a zero.

Prime Hydration retails for £1.99 and is supplied in supermarkets like Aldi and Asda, however because of the YouTubers’ prevalence and impact, the item has been sold out all over the place. Neither KSI nor Logan Paul have remarked on Gordon Ramsay’s evaluating.