It’s Okay To Fix Your Body – Actress Eguavoen

Nollywood entertainer, Angela Eguavoen has endorsed body plastic medical procedure for ladies who need it.

The 28-year-old entertainer, notwithstanding, said that ladies ought to recognize the best a medical procedure that suits them as against doing what might compel them look off-kilter.

Eguavoen expressed this during an Instagram Live meeting with Vanguard.

She said, “No! Nothing bad can really be said about ladies undergoing surgery; I’m basically just trying to say that fixing your body is alright.”

“However, when you are busy, accomplish something that your body can convey, accomplish something you can convey personally.

Not that you have little thighs and you do big bumbum that is bigger than my head, simply accomplish something that suits you.”

Talking on the difficulties she faces being a VIP, she deplored the presumption of individuals thinking VIPs are extremely rich people since they see them on television. Eguavoen said the presumption has prompted them being taken advantage of with preposterous costs during the acquisition of labor and products, and how the majority of them can’t carry on with their ‘true’ life.

“At the point when they see you on screen, they feel you are an extremely rich person, and the way that when you arrive at certain spots, when they remember you, they incur costs for the great you plan to purchase from them” “So your life isn’t similar to each and every other individual’s. Individuals would try and ask you not to rehash the garments you wear everyday.”

They ought to need you seeming to be genuine constantly,” she said.

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