IVD’s Late Wife’s Brother Reveals What Transpired The Day His Sister Set Their Home Ablaze

The demise of Airhead Ogbonna, the spouse of VIP vehicle seller, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna otherwise called IVD keeps on fixing the pattern of savagery against ladies in connections and relationships via virtual entertainment.

Kemi Filani news revealed that the fresh insight about Airhead’s passing was reported by her sister Mother Jazz on Instagram.


Following a progression of discussions that have followed Airhead’s demise, her brother, Oyindamola Martins who has been vocal since her passing point by point what happened between his late sister and IVD.

Instagram live meeting with Daddy Freeze

In an Instagram live meeting with media character, Ifedayo Olarinde also called Daddy Freeze, Oyindamola said:

“The entire issue began when the time had come to pay the youngster’s school expenses he was saying there was no cash except for he was going to clubs consistently and purportedly he was dozing at some chick’s place.

“I would rather not notice anyone’s name since I wasn’t there. Our family were like she ought to come to Abuja and they figure it out regardless of whether it’s to change the kids’ school however she resembled the person has cheated for like 30-something years that the person ought to settle her and that she can’t leave with anything, she was baffled. She said “I made him what he is today, I asked individuals not to secure him, and I remained there in any event, when his mom was not there for him”

“This equivalent person has no association with his relative, even his brother doesn’t converse with him. Furthermore, this should be a decent individual. Quick forward to the entire terrible episode.
“The battle began with the papers of the house they live in since that is the main property they had left. She needed to play the quick one by rapidly opening the protected with a welder to get the paper and move.

“I don’t know who gave him the data yet he drove from any place he was to their bequest. This is someone that threw his significant other and the 5 kids out seven days prior, I have the video. He said and I quote: “Your mom is preparing you individuals to be like her and you can’t be my children”.

“I have a video of his child advising him to quit beating their mom and he beat him up savagely. This was days before this headliner occurred.

“He drove home and saw that she had opened the protected with the welder and she locked the entryway. He was attempting to get his papers back and he was being brutal he was beating on the entryway and she locked the entryway.

“Some way or another in some way he got her and hauled the paper away from her and she had no papers and presently she won’t leave without anything. So she presently said Pinnacle, since this is the main house we have left we should kukuma torch it so both of us will leave with nothing

“He said they welcomed him to Alausa police headquarters yet he would not come since he knows an official and he believes he’s covered, even the Ajah one he would not come.
What prompted what? How could she get scorched?

“At the point when he blew up and he was attempting to search for the vulcanizer   Before she could lock the entire entryways he got the papers back from her and she was distraught she was like pinnacle since na our main property bhis makes two of us kukuma leave with nothing then she began to light the floor. Furthermore, it was lamp fuel, not even petroleum. Her children were not there

“She was illuminating the entire house, then, at that point, as indicated by them. This was someone that was frantically enamored with her significant other and this isn’t whenever that her better half first also has compromised himself In the event that she doesn’t return, I think she most likely anticipated that he should say really do am or no do am.

“Then when she did it she currently halted for some time and she strolled round the house, him he was not uttering a word he resembled on the off chance that you wan die, d**. Then, at that point, I think she illuminated the shade and it was consuming they were presently hauling. She presently jacked him like omo… you go give me this paper today, then, at that point, him pushing her off his body got her into the drapery.

Oyindamola likewise noticed his late sister got scorched while her significant other watched and sat idle. He fled when they got an emergency clinic that consented to treat her.

Oyindamola uncovers Airhead’s family attempted to help her

Kemi Filani news announced that Oyindamola before uncovered how her family attempted to help her.

Responding to remarks via online entertainment, Oyindamola said,

“We did everything made a difference didn’t begin from now it began when she was 18 years exiting school and giving him all her school charges was only a youngster then she’s more established than me by 10 years we secured him and proposed to pay him to avoid her he disagreed till he got her pregnant we took her to another state he sent her a message that he planned to die on the off chance that she didn’t return she ran from abj to Lagos we actually took her to recovery.

“Truly she been in this since she was 18 years we are thinking they took a blood religious community cause she continued to run back to him. Ivd is known for busting various cultivators I have evidence as well.

“I have made sense of endless on this remark segment how about a whole family simply watch one of us endure, we took her to recovery took her to another state we secured him, she took from us to take care of him when he had no cash she was 18 when she ran out of the house with him.

“Interesting how we did this haha Abimbola how could you be this idiotically enamored ? she exited school and gave this moron all her school charges”.