IVD’s Saga: Blessing CEO Is Making Mockery Of What It Means To Be A Therapist, Seems Like She Misses Jail – Solomon Buchi

Life mentor and creator Solomon Buchi has remarked on the virtual entertainment contention including oneself portrayed relationship master IVD, the Chief of Gift, and the well known vehicle seller Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna.

Favoring President mediated in the aggressive behavior at home case including IVD and his late spouse, Airhead, by means of her presently deactivated Instagram profile.


Recall that Airhead died on Saturday, October 15, after she put a match to their Lagos home subsequent to participating in an example of homegrown maltreatment with her better half, IVD.

Mom Jazz, her more seasoned sister, posted a notification of her passing via web-based entertainment. She likewise scrutinized IVD for executing Airhead.

The President of Gift posted data on her now-old Instagram profile to invalidate charges that IVD killed his better half and genuinely beat her.

The departed’s family is battling for IVD’s cash, as per Gift Chief. As per her, the late Airhead’s family, especially her senior sister, Mother Jazz, is after IVD’s properties and life.

Favoring Chief, as per Buchi, is neither a relationship trained professional or specialist, consequently she should not be becoming engaged with the IVD undertaking.

He likewise expressed that Gift President seems, by all accounts, to be missing prison since every last bit of her clout looking for could place her in issues and send her to imprison.

He expressed: “Gift President is making joke of being a specialist. She’s playing the job of a legal counselor.

In the most natural sounding way for her: “I’m venturing into this case as the authority relationship advisor of IVD.

” Venturing into what? I ask she doesn’t cause problems. Seems like she misses prison.

“She’s not a specialist and she’s not withstanding to any of psychotherapy, directing or instructing.

Assuming you’ve at any point had proficient therapeutics, you’ll realize that she is so called and severely so. Treatment isn’t having a relationship page where you post individuals’ issues. No.

“In normal climes, she would be turned down by administrative bodies. We have barely any clue of guideline with treatment in Nigeria.

IVD doesn’t have a clue about his right. She ought not be safeguarding him. Golly. It makes it significantly more dubious. Get a legal counselor!

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred among Airhead and IVD. It appeared to be a marriage with commonly harmful accomplices, nonetheless, virtual entertainment isn’t official courtroom. The case is unpredictable, on the grounds that she’s dead. Gift ought to proceed cautiously. The law isn’t personal.

“This is an entire instance of supposed killing because of aggressive behavior at home. It’s not some respectful case. These cases can be perplexing.

Favoring President doesn’t have companions? Gee! Indeed, even her grandma, Kemi, would improve. Regardless of whether she has proof, she can demolish the case. Prompt her.